Artza brings The Holy City of Jerusalem into your homes for Easter

By Itai Schimmel

Published October 19, 2022.

Artza Jerusalem box

Artza, the fastest growing artisanal subscription box from the Holy Land, launches its latest box featuring gifts from Jerusalem ahead of Easter

With Israel’s airports officially closed and the country “hermetically sealed,” there is still a unique way to make the pilgrimage to Jerusalem in time for Easter.

Artza, have announced the launch of their Jerusalem box, which will be delivered in time for the Easter holiday. The box features a collection of eight locally-sourced food and unique content that tells the story of Jerusalem, past and present.

This year, when people celebrate Easter, our hope is that they have a new appreciation for the place where it all took place,” said Artza founder, Itai Schimmel from Jerusalem. “We hope people can visualize the place, learn about the place, and even taste the place, and share it all with their families and friends.”

For its latest box, Artza has teamed with local artisans and charities to deliver goods that can’t be found anywhere else. For example, Artza partnered with the charity Meiso, which empowers at-risk women in Jerusalem and helps them create and sell artistic goods. For Artza, these women created hand-carved pendants made out of Jerusalem stone that can be worn as a necklace or placed on a keychain, so that Artza subscribers can very literally take a piece of the city with them everywhere they go. The Jerusalem box also includes tasty delicacies and other rich content that tells the story of the city.

Jerusalem stone pendant

The Artza experience has garnered early praise from those who previously received the Bethlehem and Nazareth boxes.

“I just opened my box, and it feels like Christmas,” said Lisa Hulick, an early member. “I cannot even arrange all of the items in a way that does justice. Very excited to try everything! And so sweet to read the personal stories of some people who made the products.”

The name Artza was inspired by Genesis 12:3-5, when Abraham is instructed to take his family “Artza Canaan” (toward the land of Canaan). The box experience is specifically designed to follow the path of Jesus through the Holy Land. Each quarter, the company chooses another city to highlight.

The idea is to deliver an assortment of gifts that people will not find anywhere else, all while supporting local small businesses and strengthening peoples’ connection to the Land of the Bible.

“I love visiting Israel – it’s probably my favorite place on earth – and had a trip planned for February that unfortunately got canceled,” said Jennifer Weaver, another early member. “When I learned about Artza, I couldn’t wait to get a small taste of what I was missing out on.”

Join Artza today and receive your piece of the Holy Land.