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The Holy Land, Delivered

Gift boxes from the Holy Land

The quarterly subscription box that follows in the footsteps of Jesus, delivering the best artisanal food, crafts, and content from across the Holy Land straight to your doorstep.


Join us on a journey that brings the Land and the stories of the Bible to life,  while supporting the people of Israel.
Be transported to Israel with every box.

How it works?

Your Israel Exprience

Artza's mission is to deliver the Land of the Bible to your home with every box. Exploring & connecting you to the places, stories and people of Israel.
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What's in your box

Each box is sent from a different Israeli city and includes up to nine hand-crafted gifts, treats, exotics spices, scripture, art & much much more!
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Every Artza box that you will receive will come directly from a different city or region in Israel. You will receive up to 9 stunning, handcrafted gifts, foods and treasures made by the local artisans and charities of that specific city that you are helping to support. With every box that you receive, you will be transported on a magnificent immersive journey through the Holy Land, accompanied by biblical scripture, ancient history & the modern-day the stories of the people that call Israel home. Each box will include:

Delicious artisanal foods and local treats and Local exotic Israeli spices with accompanying local recipes
Beautiful gifts for your body, from handcrafted soaps, and scented candles, to aromatic creams and Dead-Sea bath salts
Hand crafted arts, ceramics & paintings
Immersive and interactive biblical games for the entire family
Accompanying historical stories, stunning photography, and literature. Learn the story of every artisan you are helping support.
Gifts of faith
Biblical scripture, bringing the Bible stories of each city to life, with accompanying Hebrew learning cards, so that you can become more fluent with every box.
Exclusive access to our Israel online store, our Artza family community, live events, tours and more! All live streamed from Israel

Delivered quarterly

It's simple! Choose your subscription plan and you’ll receive your first box within 14 days and a new box every 3 months. Cancel Anytime. Simple!
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Each Premium Plan gift box includes up to 9 items:

Hand-crafted gifts
Artisanal foods, spices and recipes
Scripture & stories, biblical and modern day
Limited-edition arts & treasures
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Quarterly Purchase
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billed quarterly.
Includes 4 boxes per year.
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billed annually.
Includes a 5th box free!
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Hear from our subscribers!

Holly Kemph

I love my Artza box! It's like opening a Christmas present all through the year. I love reading about the Israeli people that created each gift. It bring me back to the Land where Jesus walked. It is also a great way to support Israel, and I stand with Israel. I give them 5 stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Susan Lalament

My hubby bought the whole set for my 30th birthday. We wanted to go to Israel but times being so unsure now he bought it for me, it is the next best thing! So thoughtful. Loved Nazareth and Jerusalem! Can’t wait for Bethlehem and the next steps of this Artza journey❤️


This is an AMAZING subscription box! We love Israel so very much, and have been delighted with everything that we have received. The items are curate so well and the artists who create these exquisite offerings are so talented. I also have to say, I have enjoyed the online community group and have been able to connect with others that love Israel as I do! We cannot wait for the next box!

Abby Truss

If I could leave a rating greater than 5 stars I would! Every item in each box has been a blessing. The kind and caring admin of Artza have become like family. We have such a special connection now to Israel. To be able to help small businesses there is wonderful! Our spiritual growth has ben enriched following the footsteps of Jesus.

D. Jackson

I just received my first box today and absolutely LOVE it!! The product has become my substitute/virtual trip to Israel & the Holy Land for me and my family, since we probably will never have the opportunity to go there. Thank you so much Artza ❤️❤️

Why Artza?


Strengthen your faith through the scriptures and biblical stories include in every box.


Connect with Israel, and its people by learning Hebrew, scripture and the stories of this amazing Land.

Support Israel

Every box you buy helps support up to nine different Israeli businesses and charities.


Strengthen your faith through the scriptures and biblical stories include in every box.


Each box is packed with hand-crafted treasures, from the most talented artisans across Israel.

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Experience the craft, beauty, and spirit of Israel through immersive experiences delivered right to your door.