Editorial Policy

At Artza, we are committed to being a trusted source of inspiration and guidance to help our Christian readers live a faith-based life.

Our content answers questions that surround the Christian faith the life of Jesus and provide you with thoroughly researched and studied answers about the Bible.

Editorial Process

At Artza, our team of experienced writers and editors strive to bring you meaningful stories from the Holy Cities of the Christian Bible and grow your faith in God.

We achieve this by following strict guidelines and processes that ensure the highest content quality. We have a multilevel structure for creating, reviewing, editing, and publishing content. Our editorial team assigns content to our network of expert writers, all of whom have a background in Bible studies and spirituality. We review every article before it is published.

Quality Standards

Every article published on Artza is created and managed by professional writers and editors dedicated to ensuring that it is true to scripture, faith-based, inspiring, and helpful.

Our editorial team reviews and approves all content for its relevance, and our expert writers are not only scholars of the Bible but passionate about their faith. Our team of professional editors and fact-checkers manually reviews every content piece before it is approved to be published, ensuring that information upholds the values of Artza.

Our team members are responsible for disclosing any potential conflicts of interest.

Reviewing and Sourcing

A team of editors reviews Artza's content to ensure theological relevance and accuracy. We only source content from the Bible, reputable sites, and academic research institutions and cite these wherever relevant.

Where applicable, articles include citations to support the writer's claims and encourage readers to explore the topic further.