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The subscription box that follows in the footsteps of Jesus, delivering the best artisanal food, crafts, and content from across the Holy Land straight to your door.
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Greg Brown

We all love our boxes, it's our family's favorite time of the season. And the recipes - wow! I have never been to the Holy Land so for me to be able to have piece's of Israel in my home is so special and dear to my heart. Thank you to all of the artisans.


This is simply AMAZING! We love Israel so very much and have been delighted with everything that we have received. The items are crafted so beautifully, and the artists are so talented. I enjoy the online community group and have been able to connect with others that love Israel as I do! We cannot wait for the next box!

Daniel T

If I could leave a rating greater than 5 stars I would! Every item in each box has been a total blessing. Artza have become like family. We have such a special connection now to Israel. To be able to help small businesses there is wonderful! Our spiritual growth has been enriched following the footsteps of Jesus.

Christine Greenwald

I LOVED my Galilee box! Beautiful selection of stunning gifts. Viewing the pictures and reading the stories made me feel like I was visiting Israel again. Our son knowing our love for Israel, bought us a year’s worth of boxes for our anniversary in August. Terrific gift, so touching!

Tammy Freese

I purchased this for my husband, and he was so blessed by the contents! A little taste of Israel and the Land of the Bible here in the States. We are moved to tears by the contents and thought behind each gift, these are from the Land Jesus walked in.

D. Jackson

I received my first box today and absolutely LOVE it!! The product has become my substitute trip to the Holy Land for me and my family, since we may never visit. Thank you so much Artza ❤️❤️

Juliette Moore

I love my Artza box! It's like opening a Christmas present all through the year. I love reading about the artists that created each gift. It brings me back to the Land where Jesus walked. It is also a great way to support Israel, and I stand with Israel

Susan Lalament

My hubby bought the whole set for my 30th birthday. We wanted to go to Israel but times being so unsure now he bought it for me, it is the next best thing! So thoughtful. Loved every box so far and can’t wait for the next steps of this Artza journey❤️


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of Jesus

Artza's mission is to deliver the Land of the Bible to your home and connect you to the places, stories and people of Israel
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Strengthen your faith through scriptures and biblical stories in every box

Every box you buy supports small local businesses and charities in Israel

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We partner and support the most talented Israeli artisans, charities and small businesses to bring you authentic and luxurious goods - made with love.



In the city of Cana in the Galilee, there is an award-winning olive oil factory and a unique non-profit looking to make changes for the better from the ground up. It may surprise you to learn that they are one in the same. Established in 1996, Sindyanna of Galilee is the only certified Fair-Trade olive oil producer in Israel. The boutique producer employs Arab and Jewish women and endeavors to create economic opportunities while supporting local olive growers and producers.

Tables that Talk


As Anati and Sarit told us, “We’re working hard to make beautiful games that create magical moments around the table as a family. We believe that nothing is more important that family, and we wanted to create games that helped families share experiences and come closer together.”Each of Anati and Sarit’s beautiful, hand-designed games are sure to beautify your holiday table.

Rudi - Photo House


A young immigrant to Israel named Rudi Weissenstein moves to the Holy Land from his native Czechoslovakia. And, with little more than a camera and a dream, Rudi soon establishes himself as the most significant photographer of young state. Over a career that spanned six decades, Rudi captured some of the most important moments in the history of Israel and amassed a collection of over one million shots of the Holy Land.Today, his legacy is being carried on by his grandson Ben, who took over his grandfather’s store, aptly called “Hatzelmania” in Hebrew, which means the Photohouse.

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Our Past Boxes

Each box is sent from a different Israeli region and is filled with exclusive high quality products that support the local artisans and small businesses - the gift that you and your family will all enjoy.

Hand-crafted gifts

Israeli foods and spices

Stunning art and home decor

Biblical scripture and stories

Faith-inspired games

Limited-edition arts


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