Our Story

Our Name, Artza

“I will bless those who bless you… and all the families of the earth shall be blessed through you…and they went out towards the Land (Artza)”

(Genesis 12:3-5)

Artza is Hebrew for “towards the Land”. Inspired by Genesis 12:3-5, our name is meant to capture the experience we hope to bring you – namely, a journey “towards the Land” of Israel. A land with rolling hills and dusty sands. A land that is flowing with milk and honey. A land with rich history and a vibrant future. A land filled with faith and promise.

Our mission is to bring you Artza and its blessings.

Meet the Artisans

With each Artza box,  you’re supporting up to 9 different small Israeli charities and businesses. Meet some of our amazingly talented artists!

Judaean Desert

Yonat Story

Following her dream, Yonat moved to the desert and the first thing that welcomed her was pure silence and bare land, which was exactly what she needed.She fell in love with it immediately.

After starting her family, and adopting a healthy lifestyle, started making her own natural care products based off of ancient techniques.

She named her small business Yonat Midbar, meaning Yonat of the desert, or desert dove, feeling that connecting to the desert is her destiny.

Nowadays Yonat make different kinds of natural care products and shares her knowledge by giving workshops and desert plants tours in the Judean Desert. Yonat’s vision is to enjoy the connection to the desert nature, and spread this joy with the world.

Judaean Desert

424 Salt

Our names are Idan, Moshe and Doron, and we are three friends who came together to realize a shared passion for food, cooking and the desert. We would travel and camp at night in the Judean Desert, cooking dinner on the coastline of the Dead Sea and sharing laughs One night, we came up with an idea to bring the purest and highest quality salt from this amazing source We called it 424 Salt, named after the depth of the Dead Sea., and we committed to building it with the values we want to teach our children.

With that in mind, we use only natural methodologies, and we incorporate a large social mission to our business. Our workplace is a Rehabilitative Work Center (RWC), where we provide employment for the special-needs population. with an emphasis on improving their work standard and developing each one’s potential and independence to the fullest.

We are proud to deliver an amazing product to you, and hope you truly enjoy this taste of the Dead Sea.


Tables that Talk

As Anati and Sarit told us,
“We’re working hard to make beautiful games that create magical moments around the table as a family. We believe that nothing is more important that family, and we wanted to create games that helped families share experiences and come closer together.”

Each of Anati and Sarit’s beautiful, hand-designed games are sure to beautify your holiday table.


Jamil Hosh

Jamil has been carving some of the most beautiful olive wood in Bethlehem, including the Christmas ornaments in this quarter’s box.For Jamil, olive wood isn’t just a material – it’s a calling.

As he told us,
“Wood crafting is a skill the people of Bethlehem picked up from the Crusaders in the 15th century. I love olive wood because no two pieces are the same. Each piece has its own character that spans generations, as the trees should be kept for 150 years before being used for carving. And, of course, the olive tree is mentioned in the Bible as a holy tree – it was, after all, an olive branch that the dove carried to signify the end of God’s wrath and the flood.”


Photo House

A young immigrant to Israel named Rudi Weissenstein moves to the Holy Land from his native Czechoslovakia. And, with little more than a camera and a dream, Rudi soon establishes himself as the most significant photographer of young state.

Over a career that spanned six decades, Rudi captured some of the most important moments in the history of Israel and amassed a collection of over one million shots of the Holy Land.

Today, his legacy is being carried on by his grandson Ben, who took over his grandfather’s store, aptly called “Hatzelmania” in Hebrew, which means the Photohouse.


Oded Fenster Toffee

After playing basketball professionally in Israel, Oded Fenster decided to follow another dream: to become one of Israel’s best artisanal chocolate makers.

18 years ago, he flew to Belgium to hone his craft. Each of his chocolates, toffees and marzipans is hand-made with love, together with a staff that includes young adults with developmental challenges.

For Artza, he crafted a special Mediterranean Sea Salt Toffee, which uses flaky sea salt to complement the creamy taste of toffee, and combines for a sweet and salty taste you’ll be reaching for again and again.


Thereza handmade soaps

Just outside the center of Nazareth, on a hill overlooking the green valleys of the Galilee, is a studio where a young soap-maker named Tereza is living out her dream.A mother of three, Tereza went to school to learn how to make all natural, high quality soaps, and now sells them across Israel.

Tereza created a custom, hand-made soap for Artza members that is refreshing and aromatic, and which truly highlights the best of her craft.


Itanar Even

Some people find their passion – and others inherit it. Itamar Even is in the second camp. The son of one of Israel’s most famous ceramicists, who tragically died far too young, Itamar decided to continue in his father’s footsteps and take his seat at the kiln.

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