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April 6, 2023


Some of our most frequently asked questions.

What will I get in my Artza box?

In every box you will receive up to 9 hand-crafted items, lovingly made by Israeli businesses charities, families, and farmers.  Each box focuses on a different city in Israel and will bring you the full experience and history of the city, both biblical and modern. You will receive delicious and unique foods and exotic spices, hand-painted artwork, ceramics, beauty & home products and more! All accompanied with biblical scripture and history – allowing you to experience the richness of each city from your home.

How do you choose your products & artisans?

Our boxes include items for you & your whole family to share and enjoy. We work with small businesses, charities and artisan that need your support. Through each box you receive – you are supporting up to 9 new Israeli businesses.

Each item in your box is carefully chosen and designed so that you are truly receiving the highest quality gifts from Israel. We never compromise on quality!

What's the difference between Artza & Artza Premium? 

Our premium boxes include 1 - 2 additional exclusive items per box. From hand painted wall-art to stunning ceramics, mosaicsand more. It is no wonder that most of our subscribers chose premium!

How & where can I go for help or to cancel my account?

It's simple - you can cancel ANYTIME!

Login or reach out to us at [email protected].

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