Artza helps vendors across Israel, by providing over $850,000 in revenue for small, family-owned businesses

By Itai Schimmel

Published October 27, 2022.

Jamil and Sindyanna

Now in its second year of helping to rescue small businesses throughout the Holy Land, Artza continues to find a way to get Israeli-made products into the hands of Americans still dealing with restricted travel to Israel. Artza has now helped more than 28 shops and artisans stay afloat since the crisis first began in March 2020 and has produced more than $850,000 in revenue for these businesses. They do this by providing a quarterly subscription box of handcrafted products that help connect Christians to the Holy Land and their friends and allies in Israel. So far, they’ve delivered over 23,000 boxes to homes across the U.S.

Our mission has remained the same since day one: Find a way to keep family-owned businesses up and running in Israel while finding a way for Christians to engage with the land of their faith from afar,” said Itai Schimmel, founder of Artza. “We provide an important connection to the Holy Land, and we do so by helping those who need it most. It’s a product with a purpose.”

One of the unique companies that Artza has provided with critical business is 424 Salt. Idan, Moshe and Doron, aare three friends who came together to bring the purest and highest quality salt from the Dead Sea. It’s called 424 Salt, named after the depth of the Dead Sea. Idan, Moshe, and Doron incorporate a large social mission to their business as well: 424 Salt is a Rehabilitative Work Center (RWC) that provides employment for the special-needs population of Israel. They equip a segment of the population in need by developing each one’s potential and independence to the fullest.


Another artisan featured in Artza’s subscription boxes is Jamil Hosh, a vendor in Bethlehem. Jamil is one of the few who can claim to be a 6th generation Christian Bethlehemite. Ever since he was a young child, Jamil knew that he wanted to own his own business. As a boy, he convinced his friend’s father, who was a carpenter, to let him apprentice with him after school. By the time he graduated high school, Jamil had learned enough of the craft and saved enough money to set up his own small workshop. In the 40 years since, Jamil has been carving beautiful olive wood in Bethlehem, including the Christmas ornaments featured in Artza’s Christmas box, and no two ornaments are the same. Jamil appreciates the work Artza has done to keep him afloat, but he longs for the days when tourism is booming again. “I miss all of the American tourists so much,” Jamil told Itai and his team. “They hold such a special place in my heart and I eagerly look forward to welcoming them back to Bethlehem with open arms soon.”

In the city of Cana in the Galilee, there is another featured Artza vendor with an award-winning olive oil factory and a unique non-profit looking to make changes for the better from the ground up. Established in 1996, Sindyanna of Galilee is the only certified Fair-Trade olive oil producer in Israel. The boutique producer employs both Arab and Jewish women and endeavors to create economic opportunities while supporting local olive growers and producers. Her olive oil has won multiple international awards, and is a special varietal found only on the Mediterranean coast. And with her business, Sindayanna provides a unique way of demonstrating that peace is possible between different people groups in the Holy Land.

Artza is a quarterly subscription experience that follows in the path that Jesus once walked through the Holy Land. Designed to provide education, delight, and nourishment for the mind, body and soul, each quarter they profile a location and locally sourced goods that represent the best of modern and ancient Israel. Through their relationship with artisans, they promote awareness and provide assistance to the people of Israel.