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Bringing you stories from the Holy Cities of the Bible, the places where Jesus walked, and the people who live there today.
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Christian giftsUnveiling the Wonders of the Holy Land, Israel: Embark on a Mesmerising Journey with Artza Subscription BoxStep into a world of wonder as we take you on a mesmerizing journey to the heart of the Holy Land, Israel, with Artza Subscription Boxes. Discover the joy of each subscription box, carefully curated to immerse you in Israel's rich heritage, culture, and spirituality. Share this unique and faith-focused experience with your family, friends, and spouses, and delight in the items that await you. This delightful subscription box contains items to taste, share, inspire, learn, and something for the body, sourced from across the Holy Land, all created by our local artisans from Israel. Let us enlighten you with the cultural and historical significance of Artza Subscription Boxes, where the magic of the Holy Land unfolds within your reach and in the comfort of your home. A Journey of Discovery and Connection: Artza Subscription Boxes offer more than just gifts; they are gateways to discovery, education and connection in the comfort of your home. Each Artza box is uniquely chosen and designed to take you on a captivating journey through the different cities and places of worship, unveiling the soul of the Holy Land through meticulously selected artisanal crafts, tantalizing spices, exclusive artwork, and spiritual keepsakes. With every unboxing, you'll feel a profound connection to the land and its people, fostering an appreciation for its unique cultural tapestry. Unravelling the Holy Land Stories: Embrace the journey of discovery with each Artza Subscription Box, accompanied by curated cards that weave together the enchanting stories and symbolism behind every item. Immerse yourself in the tales of ancient recipes, religious symbols, and artistic creations, gaining profound insights into the cultural significance of these elements. Each story becomes a thread that intricately ties you to the spirit of the Holy Land, elevating your heart and soul with its timeless wisdom and beauty. Uniting Hearts Across Borders: Artza Subscription Boxes transcend geographical boundaries, connecting the world to the wonders of the Holy Land. Wherever you may be, these extraordinary boxes deliver the essence of Israel to your doorstep. Share this magical box with loved ones, near or far, uniting hearts across borders and cultures. Each box becomes a shared journey of exploration, celebrating the beauty, history, and significance of the Holy Land. Embrace the power of Artza to bring us all closer, fostering connections that span continents and generations. Artza Subscription Boxes offer an enlightening and immersive experience that celebrates the essence of the Holy Land. Each box is a gateway to discovery, connecting you with Israel's rich heritage and culture, encompassing sight, touch, and smell, and an inspirational message; each subscription box presents an experience. Unveil the enchanting treasures that await within and feel the magic of the Holy Land come to life. Embrace the gift of Artza Subscription Boxes and embark on a captivating journey of connection and wonder.
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Christian giftsDiscovering Artza: A Subscription Box Journey to the Holy LandImmerse yourself in the wonders of Israel with Artza Subscription Boxes - a captivating and unique quarterly gift filled with handmade art, tasty snacks, and artisanal products from the Holy Land. Uncover Israel's rich history, vibrant culture, and religious connection through carefully curated gifts and captivating stories. Join us on this remarkable adventure as we bring the beauty of the Holy Land to your doorstep. Step into the world of Artza Subscription Boxes, where a thrilling journey awaits you, merging the excitement of discovery with the essence of the Holy Land. Immerse yourself in Israel's wonders, all from the comfort of your home, through our unique and immersive experience. With each Artza Subscription Box, you will uncover the treasures of this enchanting land, drawing closer to its rich history, people and stories. What is the Artza Subscription Box? This quarterly subscription box is a carefully curated religious gift you can order and send to your loved ones. Every box contains something to taste, share, inspire, and learn, and something for the body sourced from across the Holy Land. With this beautiful, dazzling Artza Subscription Box, you will find exciting gifts, such as handmade art, tasty snacks, and many other artisanal products from Israel. The Artza Experience: At Artza, we believe that art and culture have the power to connect people across borders and generations. With this mission in mind, we carefully curate each subscription box that beautifully captures the essence of the Holy Land. Each box is thoughtfully designed to transport you to the heart of Israel and its specific regions, bringing you the stories, traditions, and flavours that make this land unique. What Is Inside Artza Subscription Boxes: From the moment you receive your Artza Subscription Box, anticipation and excitement fill the air. You'll find various handpicked items that glimpse Israel's unique beauty and heritage. From artisanal crafts and traditional spices to exclusive artwork and spiritual keepsakes, each item in the Artza Subscription Box reflects the diverse facets that define Israel's identity. Connecting with Israeli Artisans: One of the highlights of the Artza Subscription Box is the inclusion of handcrafted treasures made by local Israeli artisans. By supporting these talented craftsmen, we aim to strengthen their livelihoods and preserve ancient art forms. As you unwrap each artisanal piece, you'll discover the love and dedication poured into creating them, making your Artza Subscription Box experience all the more special. Unravelling Israel's Stories: Each Artza Subscription Box comes with a carefully curated booklet that shares the stories and significance behind the curated items. Dive deep into the history and symbolism of every item and gain a profound understanding of Israel's history. Whether the item is a traditional recipe, a religious symbol, or an ancient craft, the stories will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the Holy Land's rich heritage. The Gift of Artza: Artza Subscription Boxes make an exceptional gift for friends, family, or anyone with a passion for the Holy Land. Whether it's a birthday, holiday, Christmas gift, Easter gift or a thoughtful surprises - this is the gift they will never forget. Handmade and artisanal, these precious items exude luxury but also support local communities in the Holy Land. Beyond traditional gifting, these subscription gift boxes from Israel offer a multi-sensory experience, immersing recipients in the captivating journey of the region's culture, history, and spirituality. Sharing the joy and wonder of the Holy Land, these subscription boxes create lasting memories, bridging distances and making each occasion truly special. Choosing an Artza Subscription Box is a thoughtful and insightful gesture, celebrating tradition, craftsmanship, and the beauty of cultural connections. Artza Subscription Boxes provide a gateway to immerse yourself in the wonders of Israel, unlocking a world of history, culture, and beauty. With each box, you embark on a remarkable adventure that connects you with the heart and soul of the Holy Land. Join us today and experience the joy of unveiling the treasures of Israel through Artza Subscription Boxes.
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Christian giftsArtza Subscription Box: Celebrating Israeli Artisans, Culture, and CreativityWelcome to Artza, your subscription box that follows in the footsteps of Jesus, delivering Israeli-made foods, crafts, content & more from local artisans and charities you directly support - Give a gift with meaning. Captivating a world of culture, creativity, and craftsmanship, where the spirit of the Holy Land, Israel, comes alive through Artza Subscription Boxes. These extraordinary subscription boxes celebrate Israeli artisans, offering a journey that unveils the vibrant culture within this enchanting middle eastern region. Each curated item reflects the ingenuity and artistry of Israel's talented artisans. As you unwrap the items within, you embark on a captivating journey of exploration and appreciation for the wonders of the Holy Land. Embracing Israeli Artisans' Spirit: At the heart of Artza Subscription Boxes lies a deep appreciation for Israeli artisans' skill and dedication. Each item is carefully handcrafted with passion, reflecting the artistic brilliance of Israeli craftsmanship. Previous boxes have been a symphony of creativity, with each item representing not just the area from which the artisan hails but also an exquisite glimpse into the captivating essence of their culture. The convergence of traditions and contemporary visions weave a vibrant narrative, bridging generations and uniting hearts. With every Artza Subscription Box, you embark on a profound journey of inspiration, where every art piece & item within carries the spirit of the land and the artistic genius of its creator. Unveiling the Treasures of the Holy Land: Each Artza Subscription Box unlocks a treasure trove of cultural and religious wonders from the Holy Land, Israel. The Artza Subscription Box is a meticulously curated collection of items representing the essence of the region's identity and history. From tantalizing traditional spices that transport your taste buds to captivating artwork that mesmerizes your senses, each item is a gateway to the vibrant tapestry of the Holy Land's heritage. With every unboxing, you embark on a journey of discovery, where each item carries a piece of the Holy Land's story, inviting you to explore, appreciate, and cherish the richness of its culture from the comfort of your own home. Fostering a Connection with Israeli Culture: Artza Subscription Boxes create a profound connection with Israeli culture. As you engage with the curated contents, you delve into the stories and symbolism behind each piece, gaining deeper insights into the artists, their traditions and the values that define the Holy Land. It's a beautiful way to foster a greater understanding and appreciation for the rich tapestry of Israeli culture as you immerse yourself in the narratives that have shaped the region's identity over the centuries. A Journey of Celebration and Creativity: Celebrate the vibrancy of Israeli creativity with each item you unwrap from your Artza Subscription Box. The subscription boxes exemplify a harmonious fusion of innovative contemporary designs and ancient artistic techniques passed down through generations. From unique home decor pieces to spices & luxurious items, every item is a testament to the creative spirit of the Holy Land. Embrace the limitless creativity that knows no bounds and cherish the artistry that emerges from Israeli artisans' hearts and hands. Sharing the Magic of Artza Subscription Boxes: Artza Subscription Boxes are an exceptional treat for yourself and an extraordinary gift for your loved ones. Whether it's a special occasion or a simple gesture of appreciation, these boxes bring the magic of the Holy Land to life, fostering a deep connection to its culture and creativity. Share the joy of Artza Subscription Boxes and celebrate the beauty that emerges from the hands of Israeli artisans as you gift the wonder and spirit of the Holy Land to those you hold dear. In a world where culture, creativity, and craftsmanship unite, Artza Subscription Boxes serve as gateways to the vibrant culture of the Holy Land. With each box, you can celebrate the talents of Israeli artisans and embark on a journey of exploration, deepening your connection to the treasures that define the essence of Israel. The celebration of culture, creativity, and discovery through Artza Subscription Boxes opens the door to an enchanting world that beckons you to cherish and embrace the wonders of the Holy Land. Delight in the vibrancy of Israeli artistry and immerse yourself in the captivating stories that unfold with every unboxing. Experience the spirit of the Holy Land through Artza Subscription Boxes and celebrate the richness of its heritage, culture, and creativity, one treasure at a time.
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Christian giftsEmbark on an Enchanting Journey with Christian Subscription Boxes from IsraelThere's something magical about receiving a package filled with surprises, especially when it comes from the ancient land of Israel. Unboxing a Christian faith inspired subscription box from Israel is not just an experience; it's a joyful celebration that enriches your soul and sparks a desire to delve deeper into the stories of the Bible - the Land where Jesus once walked. These specially curated Christian subscription boxes created and chosen by Artza are loaded with goodies to savour and share with your family and friends. Each Artza Subscription Box supports up to nine different small local Israeli businesses and charities, and each box contains cards with information about each of the artisans that contributed to the box. In this blog post, we will explore the world of Christian subscription boxes and how they can be a valuable asset in enhancing your, your friends and your family's Christian walk and connection to the Holy Land, Israel. Artza's Christian Subscription boxes make exceptional gifts for your loved ones, and they can also be a gift for yourself. Containing items from across the Holy Land designed to inspire, indulge, and transport you to all places where Jesus lay his feet. Each Artza box is a gateway to the Holy Land, a collection of treasures that will inspire, indulge, and transport you to the places Jesus once walked. Imagine unwrapping a piece of the Holy Land from the comfort of your home. With Artza's Christian Subscription boxes, that dream becomes a reality. These carefully curated boxes are like windows into the diverse and sacred landscapes of the Holy Land. They bring a piece of the Judean Desert's awe-inspiring tranquillity, the warmth of Bethlehem's timeless charm, and the essence of countless other remarkable places directly into your hands. What Is an Artza Box? Introducing our Christian subscription box, specially curated to bring the Holy Land right to your doorstep, delivered in convenient installments. When you choose our subscription box as a gift, you're giving the joy of continuous surprises. The recipient will experience the thrill and excitement of receiving a thoughtful gift throughout the subscription duration. Moreover, our faith subscription boxes alleviate the burden of choice that many of us face. Selecting the perfect gift for our loved ones, or even for ourselves, can be challenging. With our subscription boxes, that decision is taken care of, as each box is carefully pre-determined with meaningful and delightful items. Embrace the joy of receiving a piece of the Holy Land regularly, or delight someone you care about with an unforgettable gift that keeps on giving. Explore the wonders of the Holy Land through every Artza box. Why is an Artza subscription box the perfect gift? In today's fast-paced world, maintaining a strong connection to one's faith can be quite challenging amidst various distractions. However, Artza's subscription boxes offer a remarkable solution, providing individuals with the opportunity to rediscover motivation and receive valuable support along their spiritual path. These thoughtfully curated boxes serve as a beacon of faith, featuring scriptures and biblical tales that aim to strengthen your belief and enrich your spiritual experience. There are numerous compelling reasons why one might consider investing in an Artza subscription box. It can significantly enhance your faith journey, introducing you to items of profound religious significance and fostering a deeper connection with the Holy Land. With each package being meticulously designed, these subscription services act as a source of inspiration, guiding you on a unique path of growth and personal enrichment. Embark on a transformative journey of faith with an Artza subscription box today! What Is an Artza Subscription Box? This quarterly subscription box is a special tailor-made religious gift you can order and send to your loved ones. Every box contains something to taste, share, inspire, and learn, and something for the body sourced from across the Holy Land. This pretty, dazzling container bursts with exciting presents - handmade art, delicious snacks, and other luxurious artisanal goods from Israel. The core concept revolves around delivering a unique assortment of gifts, unavailable elsewhere, while also championing local small businesses and fostering a deeper connection to the Land of the Bible. Every box, with the choice of "basic" or "premium," contains 7-9 carefully curated items, ranging in price from $74.99 to $94.99. Embrace the exclusive experience of uncovering treasures from the Holy Land and supporting artisans with each Artza subscription box. Why is Artza Subscription box special? Given the love, time, and effort our artisans and creators have invested, Artza's subscription boxes are undoubtedly dear to our hearts. Inside each of our boxes, you can find a little something for everyone. Our subscription boxes are motivational, soul-warming, and inspirational. They make great gifts and bring you closer to your faith by bringing the holy land to you. Artza Subscription Boxes are the ultimate gift that keeps on giving, suitable for various occasions such as; housewarmings, Christmas, Easter, and more. With each box, you receive a piece of Israel that will enrich your home and soul. Whether you're treating yourself or delighting a loved one, these carefully curated boxes bring the wonders of the Holy Land right to your doorstep. Embrace the joy of unboxing, and let Artza Subscription Boxes be a constant source of inspiration, celebration, and connection to the cherished heritage of Israel.
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Christian giftsMeet the Artza Family - Tracie RollinsTell us about yourself! If I were to describe myself, I would always say the first thing that's interesting about me is that I'm a child of God! I always try to put God first, pray for direction, and look for ways to glorify the Lord and share the good news. My family understands that because they also have the same priority. We believe that when we prioritize the Lord, we can serve our community better. We do our best and on the days we don't, ask for forgiveness, and keep moving forward! To serve that community, do we throw in a bunch of links for people to buy stuff? Of course not! Our Bible Journaling for Beginners Facebook group is not a selling group (that's probably why it's growing so fast). Instead, our focus is helping others grow in the Word creatively, even if that means our community members don't support our ministry financially. Our Youtube is also growing quickly, and we're here to serve that community through tutorials, Live meetings, and sharing things that inspire people to read the Bible and build a relationship with Jesus Christ. When I'm not busy with ministry work, I have the pleasure of being a mother of two young men who are both in nursing school! They're both certified nursing assistants studying to become nurses one day. I don't make my kids do anything. They don't have to go to church, study the Bible, etc. They get to choose their own path, and their path has led to them serving the community in this way! What's your favorite part about being an Artza affiliate? I love getting the quarterly box, unboxing it on camera so others can see the goodies that are included, and experiencing all of the joy that Artza brings. It's like Christmas! Every few months, I get to experience the places that Jesus visited and see, touch, smell, and taste different products from different regions. It helps me take what I learn from the Bible and physically experience different things, which helps me learn even more. Then, I get to share that experience with my community, which I hope inspires them to read their Bibles and experience it with Bible journaling or products like what Artza provides. How did your love for Israel begin? I didn't grow up with the Bible. My grandma took me to church, but it wasn't prominent in my life. We'd go to church when we visited her, but it wasn't very often. As I got older, I fell in love with Jesus! But, going to church and participating in women's studies was hard for me. It was like going to school where all the kids knew there was a book of the Bible titled 1 John, but I was the one who didn't realize 1 John was different than John 1. I always seemed to be behind, and I felt inadequate. Then I realized that I learn differently than others. I can't just read the Bible, I have to experience and feel it! That's why Bible journaling works so well for me - because I can read it, then immerse myself in it with paint, coloring pencils, watercolors, pens, etc. This is also why Artza boxes help me as well. Before Artza, I would buy individual products to help me experience the Bible. For example, I once bought a bottle of Nard to experience what Jesus must've smelled like as Mary poured the perfume on Him. The perfume helped me connect more deeply with the Bible and the Lord. Now that I have an Artza membership, I get this experience every quarter, and it's completely done for me! I can smell, taste, see, and experience Israel without being there! A few months ago, Artza sent an oil lamp with information on the local artist and what it was used for. After I "played" with the lamp, I read the passage in the Bible about the wise virgins and thought more deeply about the parable. The oil lamp is a great prop to inspire a Bible journaling entry. It's helps create an immersive experience with the Bible that helps me connect and have a closer relationship with God! The things that Artza sends, whether a food item to taste, home décor, or crafts, also help provide more opportunities for conversation with others. It's an effortless way to share the good news, and I'll take easy when I can get it. You can learn more about Tracie and her ministry here.
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Christian giftsArtza Israel Family Newsletter 5 - Meet Jackie Thomas!Just as we love to share stories from different regions of Israel with each box, we want to share YOUR stories and YOUR experiences with Israel. Whether it is through reading the Bible, Artza, or travelling to the Holy Land! Meet Jackie Thomas Jackie Thomas lives in Clearwater, Florida with her four rescue cats and a lovely parrot. She belongs to a non-denominational church which has been life-changing for her through miracles upon giving her life to God. She would love to visit Israel one day! On her free time, Jackie enjoys swimming, kayaking, cooking, and anything to do with creativity. She serves at her church twice a month and leads Bible Studies for women. She also has 7 tattoos! What is your favorite Artza item? Special way of unboxing? "I make sure my parrot is fed and cats are in bed, then I sit on my bean bag and read through everything first. Reading artisan cards makes everything come to life! I get so emotional while opening these boxes, feeling the peace and love in each box since my first. I’m wearing the pendant today, with a necklace made by Samantha Smith. I get so many compliments on it! Samantha made matching bracelets too. It’s such a cool circle of blessing upon blessing." Have you been to Israel? "I’d love to see Jaffa in person! I also learn so much from the Artza Community. Never in a million years could I have imagined I’d get so emotional over items made by the Artisans in Israel. I really want to meet the cat lady in Israel who feeds the cats at night and join her in feeding them!" Why do you love Israel and supporting Israeli artisans? "In the past 3 years, I’ve really started diving into reading the Bible for the 5th time. Thanks to you guys, I can actually picture the places that are in the Bible! The things you post makes the Bible come to life when I read the scriptures and close my eyes to imagine it. I usually only take one or two items from the box and bless someone else with the rest. I gave a man with the ornaments and he couldn’t believe it was from Israel! It’s such a blessing that I can bless others. And Artza reminds me of the name in the Genesis verse in blessing others as you bless." I’d love to go to Israel one day meet the cat lady who feeds the cats at night and join her in feeding the cats! To join the Artza community, filled with like minded people that love Israel and stories from the Holy Land click here.
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Christian giftsThe perfect Christmas subscription box gift for moms this year.There's something beautiful about the build up to Christmas, and of course Christmas Day itself. However, the process of finding a Christmas gift that moms will cherish, love, and appreciate is a difficult task and one that can be stressful. If you are one of the many struggling to come up with the best, most perfect, and meaningful Christmas gift idea for mom this Christmas, it’s important to know you’re not alone. Moms are special and it’s understandable that wanting to find a gift that's not only memorable, special, and thoughtful, but a gift that also ties in with Christmas, faith, and the meaning behind this festive holiday period. It is a very difficult task, but we at Artza are here to help. This Christmas holiday season, our theme of our box is Christmas Blessings. To make this year's Christmas Box the best Christmas gift idea for mom, we have partnered with incredibly talented artisans and charities that perform miracles for the people and the environment around them, and promise to inspire, delight, and uplift you. In this year’s Christmas Blessings Subscription Box, we have partnered with IsraCandle. IsraCandle is a unique, picturesque, handcrafted candle created in Efrat, a small town south of Jerusalem and Bethlehem on hills with valleys, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. IsraCandle allows its on-looker to get a sense for the landscape and feel more connected to the Holy Land through their candles. These all-natural beeswax candles are made using topographically accurate imaging of the Sea of Galilee which features prominently in the Bible and is where Jesus spent most of his life. Goren Sarid, the artisan behind the beautiful, scented candles creates each candle in the landscape of Israel, its lakes and seas, valleys, and terrain. Goren believes "candles are a great medium, connecting both earth, water, and fire into one". Why are Candles the perfect Christmas Gift to give your mom this year? Candles can represent certain qualities of moms, just like candles provide light and warmth to people around them, so do moms. Candles are one of the best Christmas gifts you can give. They are elegant but their functions will last for months as well. Additionally, the scents from candles can help bring back memories and cherished moments, so let’s make this Christmas gift for mom a memorable one. Included in this year’s Blessings Themed Artza Box are authentic Israeli products provide the perfect Christmas gifts for moms this year. Packed with eight stunning gifts this Christmas season, we have curated a carefully handpicked blessings box that will provide a wow factor. These gifts contained within the Artza box are exquisite and varied locally sourced items, bringing the stories, scriptures, and Holy Land to you this Christmas.
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Christian giftsArtza brings The Holy City of Jerusalem into your homes for Easter Artza, the fastest growing artisanal subscription box from the Holy Land, launches its latest box featuring gifts from Jerusalem ahead of Easter With Israel’s airports officially closed and the country “hermetically sealed,” there is still a unique way to make the pilgrimage to Jerusalem in time for Easter. Artza, have announced the launch of their Jerusalem box, which will be delivered in time for the Easter holiday. The box features a collection of eight locally-sourced food and unique content that tells the story of Jerusalem, past and present. This year, when people celebrate Easter, our hope is that they have a new appreciation for the place where it all took place,” said Artza founder, Itai Schimmel from Jerusalem. “We hope people can visualize the place, learn about the place, and even taste the place, and share it all with their families and friends.” For its latest box, Artza has teamed with local artisans and charities to deliver goods that can’t be found anywhere else. For example, Artza partnered with the charity Meiso, which empowers at-risk women in Jerusalem and helps them create and sell artistic goods. For Artza, these women created hand-carved pendants made out of Jerusalem stone that can be worn as a necklace or placed on a keychain, so that Artza subscribers can very literally take a piece of the city with them everywhere they go. The Jerusalem box also includes tasty delicacies and other rich content that tells the story of the city. The Artza experience has garnered early praise from those who previously received the Bethlehem and Nazareth boxes. “I just opened my box, and it feels like Christmas,” said Lisa Hulick, an early member. “I cannot even arrange all of the items in a way that does justice. Very excited to try everything! And so sweet to read the personal stories of some people who made the products.” The name Artza was inspired by Genesis 12:3-5, when Abraham is instructed to take his family “Artza Canaan” (toward the land of Canaan). The box experience is specifically designed to follow the path of Jesus through the Holy Land. Each quarter, the company chooses another city to highlight. The idea is to deliver an assortment of gifts that people will not find anywhere else, all while supporting local small businesses and strengthening peoples’ connection to the Land of the Bible. “I love visiting Israel – it’s probably my favorite place on earth – and had a trip planned for February that unfortunately got canceled,” said Jennifer Weaver, another early member. “When I learned about Artza, I couldn’t wait to get a small taste of what I was missing out on.” Join Artza today and receive your piece of the Holy Land.
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Christian giftsArtza Israel Family Newsletter 1 - Meet the Lamberts!Just as we love to share stories from different regions of Israel with each box, we want to share YOUR stories and YOUR experiences with Israel. Whether it is through reading the Bible, Artza, or travelling to the Holy Land! With each newsletter we'll bring you some Holy Land news highlights, exclusive Artza updates, and the opportunity to meet fellow Artza family members Meet the Lamberts! Julia and David joined Artza in Summer 2020! Today they have joined us to share their love for the Holy Land! The Lambert family lives near Augusta, GA where Julia works for the local school system, and David is a pastor at First Baptist Church Thomson. Their 11yr old daughter Abby shared that she wants to go to Israel with her parents the next time! We look forward to welcoming you all! What does Israel mean to you? "Israel is about connecting. Connecting with God, people, the culture, and the land. It is incredible to be able to connect where you are, with the stories you’ve read in the Bible your whole life." What has been your favorite Artza item so far? "Food items are definitely a big hit! We love the coffee and the olive oil. The tree from the last box is phenomenal. It is sitting in my kitchen window and I look at it every day. On this last trip to Israel we’d be in different shops and we’d be like “that’s in an Artza box!!” It was neat to make that connection back to Artza while on our trip to Israel" How did you see Scripture come to life while you were in Israel? "In the Garden of Gethsemane, I was thinking about how that garden was a place a refuge for Jesus. Then night he was betrayed and it became a place of turmoil. Like when we have a place that we love that was a refuge then becomes a place of turmoil. I thought about how that was another element of Jesus’ suffering that I hadn’t considered before"