Inspirational Stories of Holy Land Artisans

Share stories of Holy Land artisans and their craft traditions, showcasing their dedication to preserving ancient techniques.

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By Daniel Goodman

Updated April 30, 2024.

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The land of Israel is renowned for its breathtaking beauty, steeped in centuries of rich history and brimming with boundless energy.

Artza (ארצה) is a Biblical Hebrew word meaning “towards the land.” Our name is meant to capture the experience we hope to bring you – a journey “towards the Land” of Israel. It is a land flowing with milk and honey, where every corner is infused with stories of the past and dreams of the future, a land filled with faith and promise.

The Artisan's Journey:

At Artza we take you on a journey through the Land of Israel, strengthening your connection to the Holy Land and the stories of the Bible. Behind each of our Artza products is an artisan, a family, a small business or a charity that we have collaborated with to create a unique collection that can be found within each Artza box.

With each Artza box you receive, we promise to give you and your loved ones a taste of this incredible Land. Our Holy Land Artisans come from far and wide within the Holy Land, from Jerusalem to the Galilee, Bethlehem to Nazareth, and the northern mountains to the southern deserts of Israel, Artza stands as a bridge between cultures, connecting artisans and small businesses with a global audience, celebrating the diversity and creativity that defines the artistic heritage of the Holy Land.

Susan's House - Eyal Kaplansky

It has been an amazing privilege for Artza to partner with Israel the incredible Israeli Artisan Eyal Kaplansky. Susan and Eyal Kaplansky dreamed of opening an art center for youth at-risk. After Susan passed away at a young age, Eyal was devoted to the realization of this dream and Susan’s House was born.

Susan’s House emerges as a beacon of hope for at-risk youth in Israel.

Susan’s House provides a sanctuary where young individuals can find purpose and healing. Through vocational training, therapeutic support, and creative expression, Susan’s House empowers its residents to craft beautiful, inspirational artwork, each piece reflecting their journey of resilience and growth.

Susan's House encourage teens to appreciate and rejoice in all we have, aiming for each individual who enters Susan’s House to feel the warmth and joy of our space. And for each artistic product to cause happiness in others.

In our heartfelt collaboration with the remarkable Susan's House, we aspire for the warmth of their mission to resonate deeply within the walls of your homes. Together, through our partnership, we at Artza strive to bring light and love into your lives, enriching each moment with the profound impact of Susan's House and the spirit of resilience it represents.

Ben standing in front of a store in Israel the photohouse

PhotoHouse - Rudi Weissenstein

Artza proudly boasts another exceptional partnership with PhotoHouse, a renowned Israeli Artisan store.

Rooted in three generations of dedication, PhotoHouse stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of founder Rudi Weissenstein's vision and passion for photography.

As custodians of Israel's rich historical heritage, PhotoHouse preserves over a million negatives, each a poignant snapshot of the nation's journey. Beyond mere documentation, PhotoHouse transcends into a cultural landmark, captivating both locals and global visitors with its timeless imagery.

Through decades of dedication and countless awards, including international recognition for his iconic "Working Hands" series, Rudi's legacy lives on, immortalized in the largest private photo archive in Israel. PhotoHouse has garnered acclaim through international exhibitions, yet its essence remains deeply familial, embodying the spirit of continuity and reverence for the past.

The PhotoHouse, a cherished treasure trove of Israel's visual history, traces its roots back to the visionary spirit of Shimon Rudolph Weissenstein, affectionately known as Rudi. From humble beginnings in Czechoslovakia to the bustling streets of Tel Aviv, Rudi's journey as a pioneering photojournalist and entrepreneur has left an indelible mark on the nation's cultural landscape.

Together with his wife and business partner, Miriam, Rudi founded The PhotoHouse, a testament to their shared passion for photography and preservation. Today, guided by Rudi's grandson, Ben Peter, The PhotoHouse continues to captivate audiences as a living testament to Israel's rich visual heritage. It is our pleasure here at Artza to work so closely and have a partnership with the PhotoHouse. With our collaboration we are extending The PhotoHouse's reach, sharing the stories and imagery of Israel's past with a global audience, ensuring that Rudi's vision of preserving history through photography endures for generations to come.