Experience the city where Jesus spent his earlier years, with these beautifully crafted gifts from the locals. “This is Jesus the prophet of Nazareth of Galilee.” 

Local Shakshuka spice blend & Recipe

Hand carved olivewood cross 

 Hand-crafted lavender body soap

Pomegranate apple jam 

Shalva herbal Tea blend

Ceramic heart decoration from a local charity 

Reveal Israel family game 

Premium: 3D Framed glass dove Shalom painting. 

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Celebrate Christmas from the birthplace of Jesus. “Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea.” This is the perfectly meaningful gift for someone you love. 

Artisanal mint Dark Chocolate 

Mediterranean Sea Salt Toffee

2 carved olive-wood Christmas ornaments 

 Halva almond swirl spread & recipe 

Hand painted Ceramic Bethlehem plate 

Scented winter candle 

6 Bethlehem inspired Tea coaster 

Tables that talk family game 

Premium: Exclusive set of 20 vintage Israeli posters

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Experience what it is like to walk through the holiest city in the world – Jerusalem. Through your Jerusalem box, we bring the ancient and modern stories and life f this city into your homes. 

Artisanal Patchouli Body Soap 

Embroidered Jerusalem pouch 

Chocolate date spread

Local Za’atar spice blend & recipe

A-Z Hebrew family card game 

Chocolate covered coffee beans

Holy Cross carved Jerusalem stone pendant 

Premium: Jerusalem hand painted Shalom Art

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Walk the shores of the Se of Galilee, where Jesus performed so many of His miracles. From Capernaum to the Mount of Beatitudes – our Galilee box will bring the Galilee to your doorstep. 

Set of Hand-dipped Galilee candles 

Lemon & lime body scrub 

Hopeful olive oil 

Hummus spice bled & recipe 

Ceramic Jesus miracle bowl 

Vegan Cocoa nectar spread 

Footsteps of Jesus family game 

Premium: Hand-cut mosaic stones from the shores of the Galilee 

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Judaean Desert

Welcome to the lowest place on Earth! From the ancient mountain top ruins of Masada to the shores of the Dead Sea, to the Caves where some of the worlds oldest biblical texts were found – Our Judaean box brings it all to life. 

Olive wood and ceramic Shalom tile 

Israeli roasted coffee 

Rosemary gold Dead Sea Salt 

Ceramic Dead Sea scroll replica

Chocolate silan spread & recipe 

Dead Sea scented bath salt

Premium: Hand painted ceramic olive oil jug 

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Experience the 4 cities most important to the life of Jesus with our Christmas special box. With gift from Bethlehem, Nazareth, Galilee, and Jerusalem – this is gift they will never forget! 

2 Hand carved olive wood ornament 

Artisanal Sachlab chocolate 

Artisanal Pumpkin spice chocolate 

Hand-crafted lavender Nazareth soap

Fantastic Holy Land coloring book 

Pomegranate Tea Infusion 

Almond Halva & recipe 

Premium: Frame paper cut “Home Blessing” art 

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Golan Heights

Travel north to the snowy mountain peaks of the Hermon Mountain in the Golan Heights with our gorgeous Golan Box. 

Scented Golan Candle 

Jesus period pottery vase 

Pottery Oil Lamp 

Rose & Verbena Shalva Tea 

White chocolate nib bites 

Sumac spice blend & Recipe 

Wood Hebrew alphabet puzzle 

Premium: Hand-painted tree of life art sculpture

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Ancient Jaffa

that Jonah fled Gd’s word, and here the timber was imported to build the Holy Temple – our Jaffa box brings the thriving markets of Jaffa into your kitchens and homes. 

Artisanal cranberry biscotti 

Exclusive Tel Aviv art posters 

Patchouli hand cream 

Israeli designed custom canvas bags 

Sachlab spice bled & recipe 

Malabi spice mix & Recipe 

Custom created Jaffa wall art 

Premium: Jaffa inspired room diffuser 

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