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Updated September 28, 2023.

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Embark on a journey and travel to the Holy Land through the lens of the 'Holy Land Artza Blog' series.

In this series, you will be taken on an immersive journey through the Holy Land. Exploring ancient, biblical and modern stories, magnificent scenery, flavors, traditions, sites and most importantly of all - we will introduce you to the people that call this place home. Along the journey you will meet all of the Israeli artisans and charities that we hep support, and we explore the rich culture, history and beauty of Israel.

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Location: Beer Sheva (Beersheba)

Our journey continues in Beer Sheva also known as Beersheba, a city located in southern Israel in the Negev desert. The city is considered an important site in both Jewish and Christian history, as it is the location where God made a covenant with Abraham in Genesis 21:22-34, promising to give him and his descendants the land of Canaan, including Beersheba.

Top things to do in Beer Sheva, Israel.

1. Beer Sheva, Old City: The Old City is well in the throes of a transformation into a hub of tourism, culture, recreation and youth. The Old City also houses the city’s first mosque also built in 1906, the Turkish railway station built during the First World War, and many more buildings and streets which set the scene of life in the city and many other cities under Ottoman Rule. This district houses the city’s most famous attraction, Abraham’s Well

2. Beer Sheva marketplace: This market takes place every Thursday and has been a tradition since 1905. You'll get to see and shop for authentic Bedouin goods, such as copper and glassware, jewelry, and hand-woven rugs and crafts. But that's not all, the market also has modern stalls selling clothing, footwear, and delicious food. The Bedouin market is a unique and vibrant experience, it's definitely worth a visit while you're in the city.

3. Tel Beer Sheba: Tel Beer Sheva, is the area in which the forefathers (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) lived and worked. Located 5km outside of Beer Sheva is now an archaeological site. The tel, or "mound," is the accumulation of layers of human habitation and civilization that built up over time. You are able to see the remains of the ancient city, including the Israelite fortress and palace from the time of King David, an Iron Age city gate, an administrative building, and a water system from the time of the Israelite monarchy.

4. Tel Arad: Tel Arad is one of Israel’s most important archaeological sites. A fortified Canaanite city and fortresses from the time of the kings of Judah have been unearthed at the site. The remains of a unique Judean temple and an extraordinary water plant from the times of the Judean kings were discovered in the fortresses. Tel Arad is one of the most significant sites for the study of Biblical Archaeology. It is especially important for the evaluation of the reality behind the story of the Exodus.

5. Ottoman City: Beer Sheva is the only city planned by the Ottomans, and the unique architecture of that period shows in the city’s many buildings, including the Turkish Railway Station and Old Turkish Town districts. This biblical and Ottoman city is a cultural destination in its own right, offering a unique cultural and historical charm.

6. The Carasso Science Park: The Carasso Science Park is the largest science and technology-based museum in all of Israel.

7. The Negev Museum of Art: The Negev Museum of Art is an art museum dedicated to Israeli art. It is the former Governor's Mansion, built in 1906 by the Ottomans as part of a large collection of government buildings that also included the mosque and the Seraya.

In recognition of the significance of the number seven, we listed seven great attractions in Beer Sheva.

israel holy land tour beer sheva

What is the meaning of Beer Sheva?

The name "Beer Sheva" is derived from the Hebrew words "Beer" meaning "well" and "Sheva" meaning "seven." The name is believed to come from the seven wells that were found in the area during ancient times. The wells were a crucial source of water for the nomadic tribes who passed through the region, and the city that grew around them became known as Beer Sheva.

Genesis 21:22-34: This passage describes the well that Abraham dug in Beer Sheva and it was the place where God appeared to him and made a covenant with him. It is considered by Christians a significant event in the history of the faith, as God promised to make Abraham the father of many nations, and that through his descendants all the families of the earth would be blessed.

Rich history: The history of Beer Sheva, Israel has biblical significance. Beer Sheva in the Bible was the city Abraham and his son Isaac established after they made peace with the Philistine King Abimelech, over a dispute over a well of water.

Distance from Jerusalem: Beer Sheva to Jerusalem is approximately 115 kilometres (71.4 miles).

As we come to the close of our fourth Holy Land Artza Blog which takes you on a journey through Israel with us, we want to express our deepest gratitude for your participation. It has been a privilege to share with you the beauty, culture and traditions of this land that holds such a special place in our hearts thus far, and we are so excited for what is to come!

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We look forward to welcoming you back soon and providing you with the next Holy Land Artza Blog, and of course, welcome to ISRAEL!

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