Artza - The Christmas subscription gift that gives back

By Itai Schimmel

Updated November 15, 2022.

Artza Christmas subscription box

Bring deeper meaning to your next Christmas gift-giving occasion with presents that give back to small businesses, charitable causes and communities in the Holy Land.

Searching for the perfect, unique Christmas gift is a difficult task. If you're looking for a gift that is a little bit more meaningful and special, consider giving a gift not only that the recipient will appreciate and cherish, but also one that gives back. Today, the exchange of presents with one another forms a central part of Christmas Day, with many families dedicating a lot of time to the custom. For children, and some adults too, the chance of getting presents is often the highlight of the festive season.

Where does giving gifts at Christmas originate?

The gifts given at Christmas symbolize the tribute paid to the baby Jesus by the Three Wise Men after his birth. In the Bible, the Three Magi - Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar - are described as following a star to the birthplace of Jesus and bringing him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh upon their arrival.

How is Artza's Subscription Box also able to give back?

With each Artza Box you’re supporting up to 9 different small Israeli charities and businesses. This holiday season, we have partnered with special charities that perform miracles for the people and the environment around them, and promise to inspire, delight, and uplift you.

With this year's Christmas Box, you are privileged to collaborate with two artisans and support them to create something special.

Our first artisan is a cooperative in the Galilee region, which is in the northern part of Israel called Sindyanna. This non-profit cooperative employs Muslim Arabs, Christians and Jewish women. Sindyanna of Galilee is a female-led non-profit that actively promotes the concepts of “business for peace” and Fair Trade in Israel. It is accomplished by selling premium products from Arab producers and channeling all profits back into Arab women's education. The work done by this amazing non-profit Sindyanna aims to bridge cultural divides, encourage sustainable agriculture, and support organic farming and we are overjoyed to have collaborated with this incredible product that can be found in Artza's Christmas Box this year.

Sindyana olive oil Israel

Our second artisan we have partnered with this year is Oded Fenster. Oded has become one of the Holy Land's leading artisanal candy makers, specializing in melt-in-your-mouth handcrafted toffees. Not only are the toffees fingerliciously-delicious, but, Oded's workforce includes young-adults with developmental challenges and down-syndrome demonstrating his commitment to producing these tasty products, but illustrates his desire to give back and contribute to his local community.

Oded Israel toffee maker

By subscribing or even gifting someone with the special Artza Subscription Box, you are not only gifting the gift that keeps on giving, but, you are also gifting the gift that gives back to the Holy Land, our partnered artisans and as shown, their communities.