Learn Hebrew - Lesson 1: ALEPH

By Itai Schimmel

Published November 9, 2022.

hebrew lesson 1

Want to learn Hebrew but don't know where to start? Join us for a 22 week journey through the Hebrew alefbet! Each week we learn a new letter and vocab words starting with that letter. Then bring your homeschool, family, friends, or church together for a fun activity that will get you practicing some basic Hebrew phrases and words! Each week also includes a Bible study to dive into the original language of the scriptures and to deeper understand its Hebrew meaning and context.

By the end of the course you'll learn:

  • Essential travel phrases: Ask where things are, how much they cost, and of course how to order yummy Israeli food in Hebrew :)
  • Vocabulary that extends across both Biblical and modern Hebrew: colours, numbers, fruits, and more
  • Dive into Bible studies that focus on deeper understanding scripture through the original Hebrew
  • Fun games that bring your homeschool, family, and church closer together as you journey through the beauty of the Hebrew language
  • And of course we've included some fun facts about Hebrew and Israel along the way as you journey through the language of the Holy Land :)

Are you ready for lesson number one?

Artza Hebrew lesson