The Top Golan Heights Wineries to Taste the Best Israeli Wine

Marie-Claire De Villiers
By Marie-Claire De Villiers
Edited by Joel Taylor

Published January 17, 2022.


Most of the best Israeli wineries are found in the beautiful Golan Heights region, a rocky plateau south of the Anti-Lebanon Mountains bordering Syria. The cold winters, cool summers, and unusual volcanic soil here provide the perfect setting for thriving vineyards that produce the top grape harvests in Israel. Boasting an ancient tradition, set near numerous exciting attractions, and offering sublime, award-winning wines, the Golan Heights area is a wine lover's paradise.

This article looks at some of the best wineries on offer.

Best for a Luxury Wine Experience: Golan Heights Winery

Golan Heights Winery (in Katzrin), a famous company boasting 70 international awards and distributed to 32 countries, is arguably the jewel in the region's crown.

State-of-the-art facilities and highly-skilled staff continue a 30-year tradition that began as a collective between eight cooperative communities and produced legendary brands such as Yarden and Hermon. Make sure to try the Blanc de Blanc (sparkling wine), Golan Sion Creek White (semidry white wine), Gamla Sangiovese (dry red wine), and Yarden Muscat (dessert wine). Enjoy tastings, guided tours, and more at the visitors’ center.

Best for a Romantic Atmosphere and Geshem Blends: Chateau Golan Winery

Rooted in the rich volcanic clay of Eliad, the grand, beautifully lit Chateau Golan Winery presents a highly acclaimed brand of flavorsome Bordeaux and Mediterranean varieties such as Syrah, Grenache, and Mourvèdre, as well as fine Geshem blends and Sauvignon Blancs.

Critics have called winemaker Uri Hetz a true wine artist and individualist, making Chateau Golan Winery, with its wide range of tours and tastings, one of the best to visit in Israel.

Best for a Family-Friendly Atmosphere and Fresh Fare: Assaf Winery

Set on Route 91 at Kidmat Zvi, Assaf Winery is a newish family-run Israeli winery that has already fast-tracked its way to success. Father and son winemakers Assaf and Orenand are often referred to as Israeli wine pioneers and specialize in South African varieties such as Chenin Blanc and Pinotage (try the Rujum 91, too).

Delicious pears and apples are also grown on the farm, and the rumors of Assaf's homemade food spread fast.

Best for Chocolate and Pastry Lovers: Tishbi Winery

Resting in the lush Zichron Ya’akov plains, Tishbi has fascinating roots (ask the tour guide for the full tale). This internationally acclaimed winery produces a range of different red and white varietals and pairs them with delectable French Valrhona chocolates and pastries (guests will also find Le Panyol, Cruzilles, and Sosa brands). A gorgeous outdoor restaurant among the trees allows visitors a wonderful all-around sensory experience.


Israeli wineries in the Golan Heights provide a unique experience. Many a time, a sacred tradition gave rise to these companies, and the families running these operations have a strong connection to the land. Stunning photographic opportunities, fun activities for children, and extraordinary culinary delights sweeten the deal. Visitors can experience a wide range of the best Israeli wines while relaxing in enthralling natural settings. Every kind of wine lover will be satisfied in the Golan Heights.