Why did Peter preach to Cornelius?

Asked 2 years ago

Why did Peter preach to Cornelius when he knew he was a pagan gentile that did not have the Christian faith?

Osasere Okunloye

Wednesday, December 08, 2021

God gave Peter a vision of an assortment of animals, both clean and unclean. Peter heard a voice saying, “Get up, Peter. Kill and eat”. Peter resisted this command, having never eaten non-kosher food before, but the voice replied, “Do not call anything impure that God has made clean”. Later on, when Peter entered Cornelius’s home, the centurion fell at Peter’s feet in reverence, but Peter lifted him up, saying, “Stand up . . . I am only a man myself”. Peter then reminded Cornelius that it was against Jewish law for Peter to be associating with Gentiles. HOWEVER, Peter explained, God had shown him in a vision not to call any person common or unclean. Peter understood that the animals in his vision were symbolic of the Gentiles, to whom God was preparing to give the gospel.

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