DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments Made From Recycled Materials

Here are some unique, creative ways to reuse, and recycle old Christmas tree decorations to avoid unnecessary waste and make your tree special. Find out more.

By Petal Mashraki
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Published October 14, 2021.

Recycled Christmas crafts make your Christmas tree unique. And by using recycled materials, you're helping avoid the negative effect plastic store-bought decorations have on the environment.

How to Reuse Old and Broken Christmas Ornaments

Get out last year's Christmas decorations and start upcycling them for this year! Here are a few ideas:

Recycled Old Christmas Balls

  • Use the broken shiny pieces of glass Christmas balls to create a mosaic-like design on paper or cardboard.
  • If the balls are plastic, glue little pompoms all over them.
  • Buy clear fillable Christmas ornaments and fill them with shards of old ornaments.
  • If your favorite Christmas balls are cracked, you can repair them with color glue.

Uses for Old Christmas Lights

  • The wire that holds Christmas lights together is perfect for attaching your homemade ornaments to and stringing on the tree.
  • Cover each bulb with glitter and string on your tree.
  • If the lights work, try decorating a child's room with them or using the lights to create a festive table centerpiece.

How to Make Christmas Tree Ornaments From Recycled Materials

  • Cut out cardboard gingerbread men
  • Melt down old crayons and make colorful Christmas tree candles
  • Make classic paper chains by looping strips of paper together
  • Use old clothing to cut out colorful flags and string them together before draping them on the tree
  • Old plastic baubles can be covered with ribbons, glitter, or wrapped to look like presents
  • Make hanging decorations from pictures cut out of old magazines and stuck on cardboard

Why You Shouldn't Throw Away Old Christmas Ornaments

You shouldn't throw away old Christmas ornaments because you can use them again next year! By reusing or recycling, last year's Christmas ornaments you'll be avoiding waste and helping the environment.

Plus, making Christmas tree ornaments is a great family recycling project. Once you've decked out your home for the holidays, you can start using recycled Christmas decorations for the office!