Christmas Gifts: How to Get a Difficult Person a Gift They’ll Like

By Carmen Slabbert
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Published September 29, 2021.

A woman unhappy with small Christmas gifts

Buying Christmas gifts for friends and family can be a difficult task, especially if they do not indicate their heart's desire for Christmas. Some might even proclaim that they don't want anything for Christmas. There are a few ways to get around this, though. Sometimes, it helps if the prospective recipients leave subtle hints about what they want for Christmas, like marking it in catalogs and leaving those catalogs for everyone to see.

Having a secret Santa at Christmas is also a good idea as the people need to write on a piece of paper what they would and would not like to receive as a gift.

This Christmas list presents to you a few basic ideas for a Christmas present for that friend or loved one.

Is Money An Acceptable Gift?

Some people feel offended when money is given as a gift. However, money as a present is better than giving someone an unwanted present they might not appreciate or end up not using. When cash is received, the receiver can buy what they want or need.

Is It Better to Give Cash or a Gift Card?

There are people who prefer a gift card rather than money, and understandably so. While money is very open-ended and overly convenient, a gift card from the person's favorite or local store is more thoughtful as it shows that some amount of effort and care has been given.

If you somewhat know a person or can find out what stores they like from a relative or a friend, it would be best to opt for a gift card. However, if you don't know the person and cannot find out more about them, then gifting money is your best bet.

How to Give Money or a Gift Card as a Gift

Most people give money or gift cards in a beautiful card, envelope, or little handmade gift box. This personal touch could make the receiving experience a warm and delightful one.

Personalized and Unique Clothing

Personalized and unique clothing is also a gift that can be made special to the receiver's liking. Some companies print on all kinds of clothing items such as shirts, jackets, and even socks.

Printing a unique or relatable message on a shirt or jacket is a unique one-of-a-kind gift.

Tickets to a Movie, Play, Concert, or Other Event

Buying someone a ticket to a movie, play, concert, or another event that they want to go to, is a very unique gift. Sometimes people cannot afford to buy the tickets themselves, and most of the time we would not spend money on ourselves. However, it is always a nice gesture when a loved one goes the extra mile to surprise you.

Gag Gifts

For a close friend or someone who does not want any gifts, you can give a gag gift. These gifts can be something like a pair of socks with their faces printed on them. Gag gifts can make the festive season funny and full of laughs and giggles. This should be used with caution, though. You need to know that the recipient will receive the gift in the spirit it was given. Do this for that fun-loving joker of a friend you have.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes like the Artza boxes are great overall gifts, as they are filled with authentic Israeli content, which would fall inside many different tastes. Bringing the Holy Land to the receiver’s house, these boxes can be delivered quarterly, and each box represents a different part of Israel.

Buying an annual subscription for that loved one who has long since dreamt of visiting the holy land will hit right at home. Allowing them to get a visitation directly from the holy land each time they open the new box.

Conclusion: You Can Always Give Someone Love

The best gift to give someone is love. Making them feel appreciated and loved through the year is better than any present, like spending quality time with them and taking part in the things they love will be a sure way to show you care.