What Souvenirs Can You Buy in Israel?

What souvenirs can you bring back from Israel that will be meaningful and remind you of the Holy Land? Look no further, here's a list of top Israel souvenirs.

By Petal Mashraki
Edited by Joel Taylor

Published December 17, 2021.

Souvenirs from the Holy Land range from religious trinkets to items that reflect contemporary culture. These souvenirs also make incredible gifts for Israeli friends. Here are a few ideas of what to bring back from Israel.

Best Souvenirs to Purchase in Israel

Edible Israel Souvenirs

  • Israeli Wine With Israel's variety of soils and climates, the country produces a variety of top-quality wines.
  • Olive oil Olive oil production in Israel is held to high standards, and can only bear the label "Extra Virgin Olive Oil" if it meets strict criteria.
  • Spices Take home some typical Israeli spices like zaatar, sumac, baharat, or hawaiij.
  • Israeli snacks Some snacks are unique to Israel, including the peanut snack Bamba, Bissli, Apropo, or Peseksman.

Non-Food Israel Souvenirs

  • Olivewood carvings Olive trees are native to the Holy Land and they are mentioned in the Bible. Today, olivewood carved decorative items are a popular Israel souvenir.
  • Israeli Art Purchase original artwork from an Israeli artist. Visit Ilana Goor in her studio in Jaffa, or buy Israeli art at the Ein Hod Artists Village.
  • Jewelry If you plan on buying jewelry in Israel, visit the Tel Aviv Nahalat Benyamin market. Consider buying jewelry with Israel's national gemstone, the Eilat Stone, a beautiful green-blue gemstone.
  • Judaica Where else can you find such a huge range of prayer shawls, Shabbat candles, candelabras, and kiddush goblets?
  • Christian Items Take home a crucifix (as an ornament or jewelry) made using local materials. Why not get a nativity scene, Christmas ornament, or candles.
  • Dead Sea Products Get unique health and beauty products made from the salts and minerals found at the Dead Sea.

Best Souvenirs to Purchase Online From Israel

If you're want to buy Israeli souvenirs online that will keep you connected to the Holy Land, then there is none better than a subscription to our quarterly religious gift box.

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