5 Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas

By Petal Mashraki
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Published October 12, 2021.

Christian cross to celebrate Jesus on Christmas

Sometimes the tinsel, bright lights, and presents can distract from the real reason for Christmas - the celebration of Jesus' birth. It is important to find ways to remember Jesus at Christmas time. You can celebrate Jesus Christ through Christmas activities and by putting Christ at the center of Christmas. Here are 5 ways to put Christ back in Christmas.

1. Create a Nativity Scene

There are great ideas online about making a nativity scene. These Christmas family worship ideas not only bring the family together but also reinforce the meaning of Christmas. While building your nativity scene, you can talk about the characters and the roles they play in the scene, such as the three wise men, the shepherds, and the Holy Family. You can also attend nativity plays, and use them to teach your children about the nativity story.

2. Attend a Christmas Church Service

Attending a Christmas church service is one of the best ways to celebrate Jesus Christ. A church service brings the community together in the joy of Christmas. The Christmas service will most likely include a retelling of the nativity story, singing of Christmas carols, and prayer in thanks of Jesus Christ. If you can't attend a Christmas service, then you can read the Bible at home and remember the gospel.

3. Sing Christmas Gospel Songs

Many of the best Christmas carols tell the story of the nativity, and this is a fun way to remember the religious significance of Christmas. Join a group of Christmas carolers and bring the message of God to people's doorsteps through gospel songs. When at home, you can listen to Christian music to help focus on Jesus Christ.

4. Spread the Word of Jesus

Christmas is the perfect time to tell others about Jesus Christ. You can talk casually to friends and family about the first Christmas and the life of Christ that followed. Or volunteer to talk about your faith at a Sunday school or Christmas church event. One of the best ways to share your faith at Christmas is to do kind things for others. Spread goodwill and be a living example of what it means to be a Christian. By spreading the word of God you will be focusing on Christ at Christmas time.

5. Bring Christian Symbols into Christmas

The Christian significance of Christmas symbols often gets lost. But symbols that you might think are secular often have a Christian meaning.

For example:

  • A candy cane is in the shape of a shepherd's crook, reminding us of the shepherds who attended Christ's birth.
  • Christmas candles represent the light Christ brought into the world.
  • Gifts represent the gifts brought to baby Jesus by the three wise men and Jesus, who gave himself to us.
  • The evergreen fir tree (Christmas tree) represents the everlasting love of Christ.
  • You can bring Christian Christmas symbols into the foreground with tree decorations, door decorations, faith-oriented gifts, and by lighting Christmas candles.

One of the most popular Christmas activities that bring the family together is baking Christmas cookies in the shape of Christmas symbols, such as angels and stars. This will give you an opportunity to discuss Christmas symbols and their meanings with your children. If your children need to dress up for Christmas, make their costumes relate to the nativity rather than the commercialized secular symbols of Christmas.