The best gift to give a woman for the Pentecost celebration?

Asked 3 years ago

We're going to have a Pentecost festival, and I've been racking my brain for gift ideas for a 50-year-old lady that is very dear to me. But I've come up blank s far. What gifts do you generally give at Pentecost?

Shola Dewkaran

Monday, August 09, 2021

Pentecost is the festival on the seventh Sunday after Easter and celebrates the ascendant of the holy spirit. The festival entails amongst some of the activities, service at Church, enjoying specially prepared meals, music and dancing and other in the like.

What to buy for a dear 50-year old woman:

• Religious book

• Personalised mug with a picture of a dove, the year

• Personalised clock with a picture of a dove, the year

• Pentecost pendant with a dove

• Bracelet with Pentecost symbol.

• Wind chimes with doves

• Pentecost candles

• Artwork

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