Christian Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Personalized religious gestures make great anniversary gifts for Christian couples. Find which unique religious gifts can contain special messages or Bible verses.

By Carmen Slabbert
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Published September 29, 2021.

Christian anniversary gifts could brighten up an anniversary. A unique religious gift is just the way to remind your spouse that you are thankful that God gave them to you.

How Much Should You Spend on an Anniversary Gift?

How much money you should spend on a Christian wedding anniversary gift for your spouse depends on your available budget. Sometimes the smallest gesture is a more significant gift than a bought present. Spending some alone time with your spouse is just as important as the anniversary.

The Best Christian Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife

Necklace: A good idea could be a necklace with an infinity cross or heart-shaped. The infinity cross is a sign of the infinite nature of the love of God. A heart-shaped necklace with an engraving with the anniversary date or a Bible verse is sure to light her up.

A bracelet: A leather, silver, or golden bracelet engraved with the anniversary date, a Bible verse, or even a special message is a memorable gesture.

Cross earrings: The cross has a special meaning in Christianity as a symbol of God’s love for the people as He let His only son die on the cross to save everyone.

A hand-painted memory box: If she likes to collect memories, this box can be used for storing special prayers and mementos like photos.

A personalized Bible cover: Have it made in the spouse's favorite color, together with a special message, is sure to have sentimental value.

The Best Christian Anniversary Gifts for Your Husband

A watch with an inscription on the inside: This inscription can be a special message, like why he is noteworthy or a powerful Bible verse that he relates to.

A personalized wallet: Buy him a wallet that has a message with meaning. This is a great way to give him a personalized religious gift that could be a reminder or a favorite Bible verse that makes him smile.

Cufflinks: If he wears formal shirts, cufflinks are the perfect gift for him. Ones with a cross will remind him about God’s love for him.

In the End

An anniversary can be made special in a lot of different ways. Knowing what your spouse likes will make it easier to identify what type of spiritual anniversary gift would be perfect for them.