Where is the old city of Jaffa in the Bible?

Asked 2 years ago

We went to go see the old city of Jaffa in Israel, Tel Aviv, and as we walked through there, we couldn't help but wonder what it might have been like in the biblical times and where in the bible it appears. Does anyone here know?

Zuzana Vaľovská

Thursday, February 03, 2022

The first reference of Jaffa is in the book of Joshua 19,46 in the connection with the territory given to tribe Dan. Next, in 2. Chronicles 2,15 as an important port. Jaffa as port figures in prophet Jonah´s 1,3 and in Ezra 3,7. Jaffa (Latinized as Joppa) was the place of a miracle of resurrection -Acts 9,36-43. Peter, he who resurrected Tabita, was given a very important vision there: Acts 11,4.

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