Jesus in Egypt

Did Jesus ever go to Egypt? Why did he need to hide? Was he, in fact, Egyptian? We uncover this fascinating time in His life and its impact on history.

Marie-Claire De Villiers
By Marie-Claire De Villiers
Edited by Joel Taylor

Published December 29, 2021.

In the Gospel of Matthew, we learn that shortly after the wise men left, Jesus had to hide in Egypt in order to flee King Herod. Joseph was instructed by an angel from God in a dream to take Jesus and Mary to Egypt to escape the king's wrath. Let's find out more about this unexpected journey.

Why Did Mary and Joseph Flee to Egypt With Jesus?

King Herod wanted to find and murder Jesus as he was intimidated by His glory. To do so, he ordered the killing of all male infants in the area. This may have happened up to two years after Jesus's birth.

Jesus’ Time in Egypt

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph lived in Egypt for around four years, and it is said that miracles occurred at each place the family visited. Some even believe that Jesus was Egyptian.

According to tradition, the family began at Farma, east of the Nile, and stopped at many different locations, spending the longest period (around six months) at Gebel Qussqam. They would have seen the ancient pyramids and taken rides along the canals as part of their travels.

Jesus’ Return From Egypt

While in Egypt, Joseph received another message from an angel in a dream in which he learned that Herod had died, and it was safe to take Jesus back to Israel. It would seem that this occurred a few months after they left. The family returned and stayed happily in Nazareth for many years, where they would have lived a simple farming life, and Jesus would have learned about carpentry. Jesus eventually left Nazareth around the age of 30 to begin his ministry, visiting many places and making His unforgettable impact.

Perhaps, the family's trip to Egypt was the start of a legacy of God's unification of people.