12 Interesting Facts About Mount Hermon

By Alice Bassett
Kelli Harris
Edited by Kelli Harris

Published January 26, 2022.

Mt Hermon

Mount Hermon is a group of three mountain peaks within the Anti-Lebanon Mountain range. It is situated almost four and a half hours away from Tiberias (another popular attraction in Israel). It is the highest mountain in Israel and is a popular attraction for various reasons. Not only is it possible to perform multiple winter sports at the Mount Hermon Ski resort, but it is also an ancient mountain with high religious significance. Here are 12 interesting facts which we think contribute to the significance and allure of the valley of Mount Hermon.

Interesting Points About Mount Hermon

  1. Shared ownership This mountain is on the border of Syria and Lebanon and is shared in ownership by Israel and Syria. The exact latitude and longitude of Mount Hermon is 33.3080° N, 35.7727° E.
  2. Multiple names Mount Hermon is known by many different names: • The Snowy Mountain • The Grey-Haired Mountain • Mount Sirion/Senir In Deuteronomy 3:8 (NKJV), the Sidonians referred to Mount Hermon as Mount Sirion and the Amorites as Mount Senir. • Jabal al-shaykh (Arabic)
  3. Marks the parameters of the Promised Land In Deuteronomy 3, we read about how Joshua led Israelite forces to fight against Og, king of Bashan. Og's forces were defeated, and the Promised Land (from the River Arnon in Jordan to Mount Hermon) was reclaimed.
  4. Mount Sinai Some believe that the mountain where God gave Moses the ten commandments is modern-day Mount Hermon. Mount Sinai has been described as a volcano, and we know there to be the remaining crater of a dormant volcano on Mount Hermon.
  5. The transfiguration of the Lord Evidence suggests that Jesus Christ's transfiguration happened on Mount Hermon. During the transfiguration of Christ, the Lord took Peter, John, and James to the top of a mountain and was transfigured to be glowing with holy light. We know that Jesus was in Caesarea Philippi, which is at the base of Mount Hermon, very shortly before the transfiguration. The transfiguration occurred on a tall mountain, and Mount Hermon is the tallest in the area, further supporting this claim.
  6. Fallen angels on Mount Hermon According to the biblical Apocrypha, in the book of Enoch, Mount Hermon could signify the place where angels fell to watch over the humans of Earth.
  7. The dew of Hermon In Psalms 133:3 (NKJV), brotherhood is likened to the dew of Hermon. This comparison stems from the literal dew on the mountain, which feeds the streams and rivers, in the same way that brotherhood is nurturing and fruitful.
  8. The Mount Hermon Ski Resort Situated in a region that never rarely receives snow, the Mount Hermon Ski Resort is somewhat a wonder in Israel. Given its height, the resort experiences snow during the winter months (January to March). There are lessons offered for both beginners and seasoned skiers.
  9. The tallest mountain in Israel The highest peak on Mount Hermon is at an altitude of 9,292 feet, making it the tallest mountain in Israel (and the highest point in Syria). Mount Hermon is also the highest point along the East of the Mediterranean sea.
  10. The springs The face of Mount Hermon consists mainly of limestone. The water that runs off the melted snow seeps into the stone, which feeds the streams at the bottom of the mountain. One of these, the Banias stream, is one of three which feed the Jordan River.
  11. The artificial snowman At the top of the mountain within the ski resort is a jolly, tall snowman wearing a red polka dot hat. He stands proud all year round as he is not made from real snow.
  12. Snowshoeing with a view If skiing is too much of an adrenaline rush, there is always the option to go snowshoeing on Mount Hermon. One of the ski lifts will take you to a designated route, and you can enjoy the marvelous view while you hike, snowshoe or backpack.

Why You Should Visit Mount Hermon

Mount Hermon boasts magnificent views, fun activities, and religious significance, making it the perfect destination to visit. Whether it be for fun or learning, there is something for everyone. Mount Hermon is a landmark with so much religious significance; there's no doubt that you'll leave feeling renewed in your faith.