Countries That Jesus May Have Visited

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By Daniel Goodman

Updated May 30, 2024.

Countries That Jesus May Have Visited

The places Jesus traveled to, as well as the peoples' lives he touched, are thoughtfully documented in the Bible. Let us shed some light on his travels throughout the ancient world.

The Flight to Egypt/Maadi

After the birth of Jesus, his family did not return to Nazareth immediately. They initially fled to Egypt. The reason they had to flee from Egypt was that Herod was massacring the one and two-year-old baby boys to eliminate Jesus. Herod was threatened by the fact that Jesus was called the King of Jews by the Wise men. This is recorded in the Gospel of Matthew (2:16-18). Jesus went to live in Egypt with his parents for at least three years. After his return to Nazareth, there is no clear evidence of Jesus ever returning to Egypt.


Feast of Passover at Jerusalem

As far as historians are concerned, There are eighteen unaccounted years of the life of Jesus. We read in the Bible about Jesus, aged 12, staying behind in Jerusalem while he was there for the annual Feast of Passover (Luke 2:41-52). After this incident, he stayed with his parents. The next time the Bible talks about Jesus, he is 30 years old and starting his ministry in.

There are no records about where Jesus was or to which countries he might have traveled during this period. All we have are just theological theories about it. The four Gospels never mention this part of Jesus’s life, so it cannot be proven through their witnesses about Jesus that he did or did not travel during these 18 years.

The Journey to Qana/Cana

The next city on our journey is Cana, a town in the Galilee region, which was just a short walking distance from the home of Mary and Joseph in Nazareth. Jesus, his mother, as well as some of his disciples were attending a wedding there. This was where Jesus performed his first miracle of turning the water into wine. Archaeologists in Lebanon found six stone wine pots, among other evidence they claimed were used by Jesus to perform this miracle.

Jesus Traveled to Lebanon

In the Gospel of Matthew (15:21-28), we read that Jesus traveled to the ancient pagan cities Tyre and Sidon, located in the region of Phoenicia, northwest of the Galilee area and on the coast of the Mediterranean. Tyre and Sidon in the Gospel of Luke were referred to when talking about the judgment from God. Jesus traveled to Lebanon. This much we can see from scripture.


Myths and Legends About the Travels of Jesus

Apart from what we read in the Bible, people have come forward with accounts of where Jesus might have traveled. These apocryphal writings of the life of Jesus present readers with what can only be described as myths and legends.

Jesus Journeyed to India/Tibet

The first account is that Jesus had traveled to India on a religious pilgrimage at age 13, studying the Buddhism religion through his travels. This claim was made by Nicolas Notovich in 1887. He claimed that while he was studying the ancient holy texts in India, and found, what he thought, to be a reference to Christ.

It is also said that Jesus visited Puri, where he stayed in the Jagannath Temple and was known by the name of 'Isha.'

Christian scholars have since debunked this as a mere myth and that Jesus never traveled to India at any point in His life.


Jesus Traveled to Northern England

There are also accounts of Jesus traveling north to England. To give you an idea of what Jesus would have seen during his supposed visit to England: It would have only been a collection of small clustered farming communities during the Iron Age (700BC – 43AD). According to this account, Jesus was accompanying his father’s brother, who, according to legend, was a wealthy tin merchant to England. This myth was romanticized by poet William Blake, who lived from 1757 to 1827.

Of the many myths relating to England, some stand out, like the events that have been said to have taken place in Glastonbury and Somerset in the time of King Arthur. Where the supposed uncle of Jesus planted a staff which then magically sprouted a Glastonbury thorn tree.

Jesus Visited Cornwall

Another worth mentioning is that Jesus supposedly traveled to Cornwall, a tin mining community, where Jesus encountered and spent time with the Celtic druids of the period, learning their teachings and gathering wisdom from their religion.

Theological scholars have also discounted these claims as being apocryphal and mythical. There is no proof that Jesus ever traveled to England or any of its regions.

Jesus' Journeyed to The Eternal City (Rome)

Jesus himself never traveled to Rome in Italy. However, it is believed that they moved part of the staircase Jesus climbed to Pontius Pilate prior to his crucifixion to Rome.

Pontius Pilate stairs Rome

In Conclusion: Did Jesus Really Visit Other Countries?

It is believed by scholars that Jesus was away from Nazareth for some time because in the Gospels, when He returned to Nazareth, people did not recognize him as he was far wiser upon his return. The Nazarenes were inquisitive and asked him where he obtained his learning. There is, however, no tangible proof that Jesus ever visited any other country than Egypt.

What we do know for a fact is what was written in the Bible. A golden thread can be drawn throughout Israel as Jesus impacted the lives of both Jews and gentiles in the greater Israel and directly adjacent countries. Additionally, just like any aspect of any religion, whether you believe in it or not, it is all about faith. Without faith, there can never be enough proof, whilst with faith, no proof is necessary.