Artza Israel Family Newsletter 2 - Meet Pauline & Jenn!

By Joel Taylor
Edited by Itai Schimmel

Published October 24, 2022.

Pauline & Jenn

Just as we love to share stories from different regions of Israel with each box, we want to share YOUR stories and YOUR experiences with Israel. Whether it is through reading the Bible, Artza, or travelling to the Holy Land!

With each newsletter we'll bring you some Holy Land news highlights, exclusive Artza updates, and the opportunity to meet fellow Artza family members

Meet the Canadian Subscribers!

Two friends sharing their love for the Holy Land

Yes, you read that right we have two very special subscribers from Saskatchewan, Canada and we can't wait for you to meet them! Each quarter Jenn Pauls and Pauline Chambers have an amazing friend in Texas (shoutout Meg Wagnon!) who they met in Israel. Both Pauline and Jenn have lived in Israel. They have her address for their subscription and then she ships the box to them in Canada!

Meet Pauline

"I love, people, food, and Israel. I grew up in a believing home and faith always shapes my perspective. I worked at Nazareth Village for one year and this box has brought cultures to my attention that I didn't encounter while living there. Fun fact! I met Chris Tomlin when he toured Israel and I even gave him a cold glass of water at lunch."

Meet Jenn

"I live in Saskatchewan, Canada on the same farm I grew up on and that my dad grew up on. I've loved travel, photography, books, and storytelling for as long as I can remember. I loved the idea of Artza supporting local Israeli artisans that were being decimated by covid. I know I had to support since I couldn't travel to Israel to support in person."

What is a short story that captivates your time living in Israel?

Pauline "My crowning achievement was by the time I left the village I could walk around with a jar of water on my head! Each person at the village had to choose something to be 'their thing' and I decided the water jar would be mine."

What is your favorite Artza item?

Pauline: "Definitely the Shakshuka spice. Shakshuka is a food I had never heard of before Israel. It's one of my favorite foods to introduce to people who ask about my time here."

Jenn: "The Shalom sign! I love how beautiful and colorful it is. It really reflects how diverse and lovely all the parts of Israel are."

Artza display case

What is a piece of advice you have for someone who wants to visit Israel for the first time?

Pauline: "Take time to get to know local people who aren't involved in tourism. Then your understanding of Israel will be much deeper. Try to go to a church with local Christians!"