Inspirational Christian Wedding Gifts From the Land of the Bible

By Petal Mashraki
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Published August 30, 2021.

Venue for a wedding ceremony

When a Christian couple enters into a marriage, you always want to find a gift that reflects the role faith will play in their union, and that has that special memorable and thoughtful touch. It can be a blessing or prayer inscribed on a beautiful ornament, gifts from the Holy Land, or useful gifts that can be used every day. This selection of Holy Land gifts includes affordable gifts, Christian gift boxes, and other gifts Christians will love – we hope that you do too!

The Best Christian Wedding Gift Ideas From Israel

1. A Bible From Israel

A bible straight from the heart of the holy land is sure to be a truly special gift for the married couple. This gift also comes with the assurance of a 30-day money-back guarantee.

A Bible from Israel

2. Artza’s Christian Subscription Box

With this unique gift, your Christian friends will receive a curated box packed with high-quality products from the Holy Land. The Christian subscription box includes products that inspire the soul, tasty treats, hand-crafted soaps, spices, and more. Give the newlyweds an ongoing connection with the land of the Bible.

An Artzabox Christian subscription box

3. A Set of Olive Oil Gifts From the Galilee

Israel is famous for its aromatic and flavorsome olive oil, and there are few artisans that create higher quality products than Sindayanna. This beautiful Galilee-based workshop has a mission to work with Jews and Arabas together to create the finest soaps, scrubs, spices, and olive oil that will take every dish you make to the next level.

Olive oil being poured over food

4. The Photohouse

Founded in the early 20th Century – The Photohouse holds the largest archived collection of vintage Israel photos, prints, gift sets, and more. With photos of the Holy Land's holiest sites, cities, and regions – this gift is sure to beautify any newlywed home.

A Photohouse print in a dining room

5. Shalva Tea

Shalva – which is Hebrew for Peace and tranquillity is sure to bring just that into the new couple's home. Gift this unique and delicious collection of Israel-grown tea blends, that will make every morning cup that much more special, and at the same time support David, the wonderful artisan, and creator behind each unique flavor.

A variety of Shalva tea's


These are just a few of our favorites, but there are so many more! No matter which you choose, any of the above will make beautiful and inspiring gifts for your newlywed Christian friends.