Artza's latest box brings the Golan Heights and stories of Jewish immigrants to Americans doorsteps

By Alona
Edited by Itai Schimmel

Published October 25, 2022.

Israel Golan Box

As tourism in Israel still faces uncertainty, Artza is introducing some new products and vendors to homes across America in this quarters their Golan Heights-themed subscription box. As with each of their quarterly gift boxes delivered so far, this latest box will once again provide small businesses in Israel with the revenue boost they need to keep their doors open. And many of the vendors Artza works with provide crucial financial support and employment opportunities to their communities.

This box available in the spring will feature the work of Karina Chepelinski, whose story starts over 100 years ago. Karina’s grandfather Jacob fled Europe before WWI, leaving his beloved chocolate factory behind, and after a long tumultuous journey ended up in Argentina. Using European precision mixed with his newly-found Argentinian passion and flare, Jacob opened a new chocolate factory in Buenos Aires. Karina also fell in love with chocolate, and in 2006 she decided to take Jacob’s legacy back to his ancestral home: Israel. Today that legacy lives through DeKarina, a chocolate shop Karina runs in the Golan Heights.

Karina’s is but one of many stories told through the products in Artza’s latest assortment of treasures, which brings the flavors, smells and history of the Golan Heights to your home.

“It is a joy to share the blessing of the Golan Heights with our subscribers. We have created an experience that will allow you to taste the beauty of this place, learn its history, and meet and support its people,” said Itai Schimmel, Founder of Artza. “We hope that as you light your scented candle, and the aroma begins to fill the air mixed with the warm sweet taste of your herbal tea infusion and white chocolate that you feel the warm glow of spring in the Holy Land. We also hope that each treasure unites you in a new way with God’s people in the Holy Land.”
Holly with her Golan Artza Box

What is included in the Golan Heights box:

● Delicious Sumac spice blend with an accompanying recipe card.

● Golan Heights inspired herbal tea infusion sure to warm up your wintery mornings. Each tea box was made with the help of young adults with physical disabilities.

● Hand-poured “Golan Dew” scented candle that brings the scent of the Golan spring in its full bloom to your home.

● Hebrew alphabet wooden puzzle teaches the Hebrew alphabet in this custom-made wooden game.

● DeKarina white chocolate with raw cocoa nib infusions.

● Ancient olive oil lamp and jug replicas from the time of Jesus discovered in the caves of the Golan Heights.

● For premium subscribers: Artza partnered with a talented artist to create a stunning hand-painted piece of art that reflects the lush and colorful flower bloom of spring in the Golan Heights.

For information about what’s included and the local vendors we help support, click here.