Christmas Gifting Ideas for Your Religious Grandparents

By Petal Mashraki
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Published October 18, 2021.

Grandmother opening a Christmas gift

If you have a religious grandma or religious grandpa you need to choose faith-based gifts for Christmas. There are many Christian gift ideas, but some are more suited to grandparents.

Christian Gift Ideas for Grandma

Traditional Christmas gifts for grandmothers include a woolly jumper, slippers, jewelry, or a picture frame holding a family photo. But, if you're looking for Christian gift ideas for your gran, then you can take it up a notch. Choose a crucifix pendant or a jumper with a biblical quote or nativity scene.

There are plenty of other Christian inspirational gifts for grandma, such as:

Handmade Christian gifts: Get your kids to make a nativity scene, a Christian-themed wall hanging, or Christmas tree decorations. Block Setc makes wooden gifts engraved with your kids' drawings or written messages.

Handmade Christian gifts

Kitchen gifts for grandma: Give gran a set of tea towels bearing biblical quotes, a honey pot bearing the passage from Proverbs "Honey Sweet to the Soul," or a wooden bread bowl by Daysprings, bearing the words "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread."

Christmas themed kitchen gifts

Luxury gifts for grandma: If gran appreciates the material things in life, then give her silver candlesticks, a luxurious throw with a personal message embroidered on it, antique Christmas tree ornaments, or a quality piece of jewelry. Perhaps even a silver picture frame engraved with a biblical quote or a loving message.

Little drummer boy tree ornament

Unique gifts for a Christian woman: For something really special, give your grandma a Child of God photo pendant or a Guide Your Way compass. J. Waters Design offers a unique Family Birthday Sign so that your grandma can keep track of the family's birthdays. Another unique gift for grandma from a granddaughter could be personalized Christmas tree angels, each engraved with the name of a grandchild.

Snowy angel tree ornament

Christian gifts for granny during corona: If you're looking for appropriate gifts for grandma during covid, choose one that can be delivered or bought from an online Christian gift store. Many elderly people feel isolated during corona, so a gift that reminds them of their family can cheer them up, such as a handmade book of family memories.

Christian Gift Ideas for Grandpa

Choosing Christian gifts for men can be challenging. Traditionally grandpas are given comforting Christmas gifts such as socks, a gown, or their favorite food or drink. Some popular grandpa Christian Christmas gifts include:

  • Gift him with wall art that is made from wood or metal, bearing a biblical quote.
  • Get him a personalized Christian grandfather gift such as a Bible.
  • One of the most original gifts for a man of God is a subscription to a Christian magazine.
  • Grandads that spend time in the garden might like gardening books or tools.
  • Make a personalized puzzle that bears a photo of the family.
  • Get a journal for your grandad to write down the advice and memories he would like to pass on to the next generation.
Red leather bible gift

What to Get Both Grandparents for Christmas

Something used in the home would make a good gift for elderly grandparents to enjoy together.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Gift them a wall clock that bears a special message.
  • A framed family photo.
  • Cushions and throws for the lounge.

If you want to give your grandparents a Christian gift for Christmas, consider the following:

  • A family Bible
  • Unique Christmas tree decorations
  • Ornamental nativity scene
  • Wall-hanging crucifix.
  • A "Bless This Home" welcome mat.
Nativity scene tree decoration

Christian Subscription Boxes for Grandparents

Artzabox Christmas subscription gift box

A Christian subscription box is a unique gift for anyone at any time of the year, but especially for religious grandparents at Christmas time. An Artzabox is carefully curated and comes packed with faith-inspired goodies from the Holy Land. Your grandparents will regularly receive the gift box, and each time they'll be surprised with new delightful items.

For example, an Artzabox could contain honey from the Holy Land, olive wood items, spices from Israel, embroidery, or artisan sweet treats.

Hopefully, you now have some ideas for a thoughtful gift for a grandparent. Personalized religious gifts and gifts from the heart that reflect the true meaning of Christmas will always be well received and the best Christmas gifts for religious grandparents.