Artza Israel Family Newsletter 3 - Meet Samantha Smith!

By Alona
Edited by Itai Schimmel

Published November 1, 2022.

Samantha Artza newsletter 3

Just as we love to share stories from different regions of Israel with each box, we want to share YOUR stories and YOUR experiences with Israel. Whether it is through reading the Bible, Artza, or travelling to the Holy Land!

With each newsletter we'll bring you some Holy Land news highlights, exclusive Artza updates, and the opportunity to meet fellow Artza family members

Meet Samantha Smith!

Thoughtfully blessing the Artza family through her art skills

Living near Atlanta, GA Samantha Smith works at a local grocery store and volunteers at a horse shelter in her free time. She is a greeter at her church, loves animals, and is creative. Stay tuned to hear how she blessed the Artza family through her creativity!

What does Israel mean to you?

"I have a cousin who went to Israel and it inspired me to be more interested in the Holy Land! I then saw Artza on a FB link and thought it would be neat, through Artza it feels like I've almost been to the Holy Land"

What is your favorite Artza item?

"From the Jerusalem box, I really like the purse! I use it when I got to church. After a hard day at work, I prepare a bath with the Dead Sea bath salts. I also bring some of the Artza tea and chocolates. I then tell my parents 'I'm taking a trip to the Holy Land for a few minutes!"


Last year in the Jerusalem box we supported Meiso a local social business in Jerusalem that helps young women at risk giving them steady work and a secure place to work. They made for us the beautiful Jerusalem Stone Cross pendant.

Samantha necklace

What inspired you to make the necklaces?

"I was on FB and saw other folks making necklaces and I'd taken a workshop on necklace making. I went to Michaels to find beads and a magnetic clasp. I posted it on the Artza family group, people loved it and asked if I could make one for them. I asked for a little bit of money and I donated it to the farm." (a local horse farm where Samantha regularly volunteers)

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