Meet the Artza Family - Tracie Rollins

By Avner Greenwald

Updated July 25, 2023.

a woman holding a pink box surrounded by other items

Tell us about yourself!

If I were to describe myself, I would always say the first thing that's interesting about me is that I'm a child of God! I always try to put God first, pray for direction, and look for ways to glorify the Lord and share the good news. My family understands that because they also have the same priority. We believe that when we prioritize the Lord, we can serve our community better. We do our best and on the days we don't, ask for forgiveness, and keep moving forward!

To serve that community, do we throw in a bunch of links for people to buy stuff? Of course not! Our Bible Journaling for Beginners Facebook group is not a selling group (that's probably why it's growing so fast). Instead, our focus is helping others grow in the Word creatively, even if that means our community members don't support our ministry financially. Our Youtube is also growing quickly, and we're here to serve that community through tutorials, Live meetings, and sharing things that inspire people to read the Bible and build a relationship with Jesus Christ.

When I'm not busy with ministry work, I have the pleasure of being a mother of two young men who are both in nursing school! They're both certified nursing assistants studying to become nurses one day. I don't make my kids do anything. They don't have to go to church, study the Bible, etc. They get to choose their own path, and their path has led to them serving the community in this way!

What's your favorite part about being an Artza affiliate?

I love getting the quarterly box, unboxing it on camera so others can see the goodies that are included, and experiencing all of the joy that Artza brings. It's like Christmas! Every few months, I get to experience the places that Jesus visited and see, touch, smell, and taste different products from different regions. It helps me take what I learn from the Bible and physically experience different things, which helps me learn even more. Then, I get to share that experience with my community, which I hope inspires them to read their Bibles and experience it with Bible journaling or products like what Artza provides.

How did your love for Israel begin?

I didn't grow up with the Bible. My grandma took me to church, but it wasn't prominent in my life. We'd go to church when we visited her, but it wasn't very often. As I got older, I fell in love with Jesus! But, going to church and participating in women's studies was hard for me. It was like going to school where all the kids knew there was a book of the Bible titled 1 John, but I was the one who didn't realize 1 John was different than John 1. I always seemed to be behind, and I felt inadequate. Then I realized that I learn differently than others. I can't just read the Bible, I have to experience and feel it! That's why Bible journaling works so well for me - because I can read it, then immerse myself in it with paint, coloring pencils, watercolors, pens, etc.

This is also why Artza boxes help me as well. Before Artza, I would buy individual products to help me experience the Bible. For example, I once bought a bottle of Nard to experience what Jesus must've smelled like as Mary poured the perfume on Him. The perfume helped me connect more deeply with the Bible and the Lord. Now that I have an Artza membership, I get this experience every quarter, and it's completely done for me! I can smell, taste, see, and experience Israel without being there!

A few months ago, Artza sent an oil lamp with information on the local artist and what it was used for. After I "played" with the lamp, I read the passage in the Bible about the wise virgins and thought more deeply about the parable. The oil lamp is a great prop to inspire a Bible journaling entry. It's helps create an immersive experience with the Bible that helps me connect and have a closer relationship with God!

The things that Artza sends, whether a food item to taste, home décor, or crafts, also help provide more opportunities for conversation with others. It's an effortless way to share the good news, and I'll take easy when I can get it.

You can learn more about Tracie and her ministry here.