Christmas dinner tips, planning and preparations

By Alona

Updated December 13, 2022.

Christmas dinner tips

Hosting Christmas dinner for the first time is super exciting, but can seem a daunting task. It might seem like there’s too much to plan and organize, especially if you’re hosting for a large group, but don’t worry, in this article we have put together the ultimate guide to hosting your first Christmas dinner which will take you through everything you need to do and when to do it.

With just under a month to go until Christmas Day, we are here to provide you with a handy checklist and a few tips to make sure it goes off like a party-popper.

3 weeks before - Practical planning.

At this stage of the Christmas dinner process you’ve fully committed, so let’s make sure this is a Christmas dinner to remember. Planning ahead will help to keep things a lot less stressful when it gets closer to the day.

Decide who's coming: The very first thing you need to think about, is your guest list. Discuss with your family to understand who is committed to coming.

Do you have enough space, chairs and/or couches? Make sure you have enough space to cater for the family members and friends that you’re inviting. Chairs, couches even pillows, the Christmas dinner is meant to be spent with the ones that you love.

Budget: Set yourself a budget. The cost of Christmas may feel overwhelming, but don't be tempted to put all your purchases on a credit card, plan out exactly how much you’re willing to spend.

Two hands holding the Artza christmas subscription box

2 weeks before – Masterplan

Don’t leave the food to the last minute, with our masterplan you can plan ahead and stay stress-free with our 5-point masterplan.

How much food is required: There are different methods and websites to work out how to cater for a Christmas dinner. Consider how many people will be joining Christmas dinner and make sure there is enough food for all.

Make a shopping list (check guests' allergies and food requirements): Shopping lists are an excellent way to make sure that you are not going to be missing an item needed for your Christmas dinner.

How much are you able to cook and do you need to request guests to bring dishes? Don’t bite off more than you can chew, you don’t need to do everything, It’s very common to ask guests to bring side dishes.

Shop for essential supplies: Essential supplies can mean a vast range of things, decorations, ornaments, games, and many other Christmas decorations.

Delegate tasks: Christmas is a time to come together, if you can’t complete all the tasks, ask for help from family members and guests and delegate accordingly.

With just over 1 week to go:

Christmas day is nearly upon us, with just over a week-to-go prior to the Christmas Dinner if you have followed the checklist so far, there is only 3 extra points to go before the final week.

Arrange home food delivery and/or purchase from your local supermarket: With the already prepared checklist of food list items that you will be preparing for the Christmas dinner, make sure you have the necessary ingredients.

Purchase or find your Christmas decorations: By purchasing new Christmas decorations or rummaging through the decoration box in advance prevents last minute stress and even gives you time to create a theme for your Christmas dinner.

Christmas Gifts: One of the most enjoyable and most cherished moments for all ages. With just over a week, delivery is still available and will arrive prior to Christmas day.

Christmas week is upon us, let the festivities begin.

Finish the food shop: Last grocery run for essential items that may have been missed or additional items you may want to add to the menu.

Alcohol supplies: A bottle of red wine, a hint of brandy and some holiday spices will fill your home with the Christmas spirit.

Plan out when you will start preparing and cooking the food: By preparing in advance the lead up to Christmas day will be more enjoyable. When cooking we recommend listening to Christmas carols and hymns to get into the festive spirit.

Before Christmas dinner:

Check on the food: The food should already be cooked, and the aroma of the house should be festive.

Place the decoration: Christmas dinner has nearly arrived, it’s time to place decorations; evergreen wreaths, Christmas trees, lights and ornaments in a way you see fit. If you’re looking for tips on how to decorate your Christmas tree like a professional, click here

Set the table: Christmas dinner has nearly arrived, it’s time to set the table.

Post-Christmas Dinner: After a successful, hopefully stress-free preparation period and delicious dinner, it's time to spend time with family and relax. To help set the tone for ‘it’s couch time, family time and game time'.

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