What Are the Most Thoughtful and Meaningful Christmas Gifts?

By Petal Mashraki
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Published October 29, 2021.

What Are the Most Thoughtful and Meaningful Christmas Gifts? main image

When you pick Christmas presents, you want them to be memorable, not just another generic gift like socks! Thoughtful gifts, meaning gifts that the recipient will be happy to get, are often hard to choose. Pick unique Christmas gifts that will bring joy in the holiday season.

But what is the best gift for someone special? And what are the most meaningful gifts for friends?

What Makes a Gift Meaningful?

Memorable gifts can be those that reference a shared experience or one that will be used often. But the most memorable gifts are personal. A heartfelt gift is one you have put a lot of thought into.

Meaningful gifts are:

  • Something the person needs.
  • Something the person wants.
  • A personalized gift.
  • A sentimental gift.
  • Unique, unusual Christmas gifts that are one-of-a-kind.
  • Lifetime memorable gifts that the person will treasure forever. This could even include an experience gift - such as a hot air balloon ride!
  • Give them something the person couldn't afford to buy themselves.
  • Buy a gift that supports the person's beliefs or passions, such as an Artzabox for Christian friends and family.

How do You Pick a Meaningful Gift?

Think of your recipient - what they need, what they want, and what would have deep meaning for them. To figure this out, think of the things they love. What could you give them to help them fulfill their dream? What could you give them that they would want to keep forever because of its personal significance? Pick a meaningful gift that would put a smile on their face.

How Do You Make a Meaningful Gift?

You can make a meaningful gift in many ways, even if you have no particular creative talent.

  • Use photos: Photos are an excellent resource for making meaningful gifts. You can have a special photo framed, create a collage, photo keyring, or wall art.
  • Make something: If you are creative, you could make jewelry, pottery, a painting, soap, press flowers, or sculpture.
  • Personalized mugs: Buy plain white mugs and hand paint or draw on them to personalize them-one for each family member.
  • Get a wall map: For a friend that travels a lot, buy a beautiful wall map and add pins to the places they've visited.
  • Pack a picnic basket: Create a basket of goodies for a picnic.
  • Garden starter: Give your friend a box full of everything they need to start gardening, including tools, gardening gloves, and a few herbs.

Ideas for Thoughtful Gifts

  • Personalized gifts with the person's name or a special message engraved on them include a customized children's book, a personalized calendar, photo puzzle, monogrammed items, or engraved jewelry.
  • A handmade gift you have created for your friend or loved one, such as ceramics, artwork, or a box of your recipes.
  • A sentimental gift, such as a framed photo of a happy time shared.
  • Meaningful gifts for family and religious friends include an Artzabox packed with unique items from the Holy Land. With an Artzabox subscription, your recipient will keep receiving it throughout the year.
  • A watch engraved with "Love you every second."
  • For wine aficionados, get a personalized wine label or a gift voucher for a winery tour.
  • The best gift for someone special is the time you spend with them. So a gift voucher for a day of golf together, a spa day, or a day trip.

What Makes a Gift Special?

A unique gift has been chosen specifically with the recipient in mind. Don't just look at the media's annual list of top Christmas gifts. The secret to the best gift is to put the recipient's needs and wants first. It can be inexpensive, so long as it holds some special meaning for the person, you are giving it to. However, the best possible Christmas gift for someone you love is to spend Christmas together.