Who were the messengers of God in Christianity?

Asked 3 years ago

Who were the prophets of Christianity and how did they come to be the messengers?

Osasere Okunloye

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Prophets were messengers of God although some Bible scholars argue that prophets didn't hear from God directly and could only hear from angels. In the early days of the children of Israel, prophets were messengers of God and were also tasked with the responsibility of leading God's people, for example, Moses, Joshua, Samuel etc. Although they were prophets, they were also the leaders of the children of Israel.

In the book of 1st Samuel chapter 8, the Israelites requested a king so they could be like the kingdoms around them. God granted them their wish and from then, the prophets acted only as messengers of God.

In the new testament, although the disciples and apostles acted mainly as God's messengers, Christians should understand that anyone with the holy spirit can hear from God. We should keep our hearts and ears open and be ready to carry out our Master's biddings.

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