What to Serve With Falafel

Falafel is a delicious Middle Eastern meal, but it can sometimes be tricky deciding what to pair with it. We have compiled a list of our best suggestions to help you decide.

By Alice Bassett
Kelli Harris
Edited by Kelli Harris

Published December 30, 2021.

Falafel is a Middle Eastern dish made from mashed chickpeas and assorted spices. They are usually shaped like balls but can also be flattened into a patty. Falafel is a savory dish, which sometimes has a gritty texture from grinding chickpeas. Depending on the spices used, the taste can vary. Traditionally falafel has hints of cumin, coriander, and various herbs.

While falafel can be enjoyed on its own, it pairs well with various other foods to create a complete meal. Let's look at some side dishes that go well with falafel.


The fresh, citrus flavor of tzatziki makes for a perfect falafel accompaniment. Tzatziki is made by adding lemon juice, lemon zest, and grated cucumber to Greek yogurt. It can be used as a dipping sauce or a drizzle over falafel.

Fragrant Rice

To make a more substantial meal, falafel can be served with any variation of fragrant rice. We find that lemon rice is the best in this regard as the citrus notes pair exceptionally well with falafel.

Naan or Flatbread

A suggestion on serving falafel for dinner is with naan or flatbread. Home-made naan and flatbread are great ways to bulk falafel as a meal, especially when served with falafel shaped like patties. You can place the falafel inside the bread and add a dressing or sauce.


Made from the same main ingredient, hummus and falafel are a match made in heaven. The creamy texture complements the graininess of falafel well. Hummus can be spread onto naan as a base for the falafel.

How you eat falafel and what you pair it with can be a fun culinary experience. While it is delicious on its own, we suggest you try it with some of the accompaniments mentioned above. If you are stuck on where to start, try our authentic falafel recipe for a taste of Middle Eastern cuisine.