Faith Subscription Box: Experience the Holy Land Every season

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By Daniel Goodman

Updated May 26, 2024.

A Nazareth themed Artzabox Christian subscription box

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Introducing the next generation, our children to the rich history, culture, and spirituality of the Holy Land can be a transformative experience. Artza's faith subscription box provides you and your family with the ability to bring back souvenirs from the Holy Land and serve as decorative keepsakes but also carry profound significance and purpose.

Each Artza box is thoughtfully curated with Holy Land Souvenirs for Kids that delight and educate, making it a perfect way to share the wonder of Israel with kids.

What is the Artza Subscription Box?

This quarterly subscription box is a carefully curated religious gift you can order and send to your loved ones. Every box contains something to taste, share, inspire, and learn, and something for the body sourced from across the Holy Land. With this beautiful, dazzling Artza Subscription Box, you will find exciting gifts, such as handmade art, tasty snacks, and many other artisanal products from Israel. Artza subscription box's are a fantastic and profound tool to learn about Israel's culture, biblical scriptures, historical heritage and more.

These carefully curated collections not only bring the essence of Israel into your home but also deepen your understanding of its ancient traditions and spiritual significance.

Unboxing an Artza Faith Subscription Box is an adventure in itself. Each month, children can look forward to discovering new Holy Land souvenirs and treasures that bring the Holy Land to life. The excitement of unwrapping each treasure or souvenir for kids can help build a lasting connection to Israel’s culture and history.

Benefits of Supporting Artza

  • Supporting local artisans: Every purchase helps sustain the livelihoods of Israeli craftspeople.
  • Authenticity guaranteed: Each item is a genuine product of Israel, crafted with love and tradition.
  • Educational and fun: Perfect for families looking to teach their children about different cultures in an engaging way.

What to Expect in Each Box

Opening an Artza box is an adventure. Carefully wrapped and beautifully presented, the contents are a delightful surprise. Children love gifts and surprises, and the anticipation every month of receiving something from across the oceans adds to the excitement and makes Artza special. Subscribers can expect a mix of Holy Land souvenirs for kids, which are interactive and educational items that help children learn about Israel’s culture and history - this is what makes Artza so special. Our Artza subscribers can expect a mix of Holy Land souvenirs for kids, which are interactive and educational items that help children learn about Israel’s culture and history. Each box also includes detailed information booklets and cards that tell the story behind each item and the artisans who created it. Additionally, there are special gifts, occasionally featuring exclusive items like limited edition crafts or holiday-themed products. Filled with stories from the Holy Cities of the Bible, places where Jesus walked, and the people who live there today, every Artza box brings the Holy Land and the Bible to life from the comfort of your home. Each and every Artza box is packed with gifts that help bring the presence of Jesus and the Holy Land into your home, each representing a part of the Holy Land, from Bethlehem to Nazareth, the Judaean Desert, to Jerusalem, and up north to the Sea of Galilee.

Exploring Holy Land Culture: Exploring Holy Land culture with Artza is an enriching journey that immerses you in the diverse and vibrant traditions of Israel. Each Artza box is thoughtfully curated to include items that showcase the unique crafts, flavors, and stories from different regions of the Holy Land. You will find yourself delving into the rich tapestry of Israeli life, from the bustling markets of Jerusalem to the serene shores of the Sea of Galilee. Through artisanal products, traditional recipes, and educational materials, Artza provides a deeper understanding of the customs and heritage that define this ancient land.

Nurturing Faith and Spirituality: Encompassing sight, touch, smell and more, each of Artza’s Subscription Boxes captures an experience from Bethlehem, to Nazareth, the Judaean Desert, to Jerusalem, and up north to the Sea of Galilee. From the south of Israel to the north, Artza provides a piece of Israel that allows you to experience its rich heritage and spiritual significance.

Souvenirs That Capture the Spirit of the Holy Land: Beyond their aesthetic appeal, Holy Land souvenirs carry layers of history and spirituality. Each item, whether it's a handmade pottery piece or a meticulously crafted piece of art, tells a story deeply rooted in the region's rich cultural tapestry. Whether it be from the area purchased, the story behind the artisan, or the historical techniques used in crafting each piece. Each and every aspect of a Holy Land souvenir adds a layer of depth, significance and allows you to bring back a piece of the Holy Land with you allowing you to keep a sense of closeness.

Ideas for Holy Land Souvenirs for Kids:

  • Jerusalem 5-stone game: Rediscover a timeless game with the Jerusalem Five Stones, a set carved from authentic Jerusalem stone. This ancient pastime brings a piece of history into your home, offering both fun and a connection to the past by carrying a piece of Jerusalem wherever you go.
  • Puzzle of the 4 cities: Exclusively created and curated for Artza, this brilliant game focuses on the four cities in the Holy Land that played the largest roles in the life of Jesus. This is the perfect game to bring the family together and learn more about the life of Jesus.
  • Chocolate almond snack: Experience the delight of Israeli snacking with The Nut House's Chocolate Almond Balls. Perfect for pairing with coffee or tea, these chocolatey, nutty treats offer a blissful taste adventure.
  • Bundukim Galilean halva nut treats: Savor the flavors of the Galilee with our handmade Bundukim, an Israeli favorite. These delectable Halva nut desserts are a cherished treat among Artza subscribers.

Explore Holy Land Souvenirs with Artza Store

In conclusion, explore the richness of Holy Land souvenirs with Artza products and subscription boxes, where each purchase becomes a meaningful connection to the heritage, traditions, and craftsmanship of the region. With every Subscription Box, you embark on a profound journey of inspiration, where every art piece and item within carries the spirit of the land and the artistic genius of its creator. Through Artza, parents , schools and others can pass down the heritage, beliefs, and traditions of the Holy Land to their children, fostering a deep and lasting connection the Holy Land.