Artza Israel Family Newsletter 5 - Meet Jackie Thomas!

By Alona

Published January 10, 2023.

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Just as we love to share stories from different regions of Israel with each box, we want to share YOUR stories and YOUR experiences with Israel. Whether it is through reading the Bible, Artza, or travelling to the Holy Land!

Meet Jackie Thomas

Jackie Thomas lives in Clearwater, Florida with her four rescue cats and a lovely parrot. She belongs to a non-denominational church which has been life-changing for her through miracles upon giving her life to God. She would love to visit Israel one day! On her free time, Jackie enjoys swimming, kayaking, cooking, and anything to do with creativity. She serves at her church twice a month and leads Bible Studies for women. She also has 7 tattoos!

What is your favorite Artza item? Special way of unboxing?

"I make sure my parrot is fed and cats are in bed, then I sit on my bean bag and read through everything first. Reading artisan cards makes everything come to life! I get so emotional while opening these boxes, feeling the peace and love in each box since my first. I’m wearing the pendant today, with a necklace made by Samantha Smith. I get so many compliments on it! Samantha made matching bracelets too. It’s such a cool circle of blessing upon blessing."

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Have you been to Israel?

"I’d love to see Jaffa in person! I also learn so much from the Artza Community. Never in a million years could I have imagined I’d get so emotional over items made by the Artisans in Israel. I really want to meet the cat lady in Israel who feeds the cats at night and join her in feeding them!"

Why do you love Israel and supporting Israeli artisans?

"In the past 3 years, I’ve really started diving into reading the Bible for the 5th time. Thanks to you guys, I can actually picture the places that are in the Bible! The things you post makes the Bible come to life when I read the scriptures and close my eyes to imagine it. I usually only take one or two items from the box and bless someone else with the rest. I gave a man with the ornaments and he couldn’t believe it was from Israel! It’s such a blessing that I can bless others. And Artza reminds me of the name in the Genesis verse in blessing others as you bless."

I’d love to go to Israel one day meet the cat lady who feeds the cats at night and join her in feeding the cats!

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