Why Christmas subscription boxes are the perfect gift this season

By Alona
Edited by Itai Schimmel

Published November 9, 2022.

Christian Christmas subscription box

With Christmas fast approaching, now is the time to organize gifts for your loved ones.

We know that we can all get a little carried away when coming up with perfect heart-warming, jaw-dropping, tear-jerking gifts for Christmas, and we know we're not alone. Giving gifts can be a stressful affair, whether it's picking your boss for Secret Santa - or attempting to convey how much someone you love means to you through a particular scent of candle or the largest bouquet of flowers. Many of us exchange perishable Christmas gifts like wines and chocolates, often quickly eaten or drunk. They taste delicious, but as soon as they are eaten, they are gone and forgotten.

The nature of gifting doesn't have to be a quick experience.

That is why the Artza subscription box is the gift that keeps on giving ALL year round. It ensures that the receiver is reminded of you, the Holy Land, and the festive Christmas season all year round.

Are you looking for the gift with meaning that keeps on giving this holiday season?

Our subscription gift boxes are a perfect gift for this festive season for those in your life that love the Bible, Jesus and the Land of the Bible: Israel — the gift that keeps on giving.

Artza’s subscription boxes are filled with the highest-quality artisanal items from Israel that are sure to inspire, delight, and fill the recipient with holiday cheer. With Artza's attractive appearance and dazzling contents, every gift box bursts with exciting gifts - art, delicious snacks, and several other luxurious artisanal items from the Holy Land. Every box contains something to taste, share, inspire, learn, and nourish the body. We can proudly say that all of our items are sourced from and made across the Holy Land by small local businesses and charities.

Artza’s quarterly subscription box features rich content of artisanal food, hand-crafted gifts, and rich content geared specifically geared towards Christians across America.

Christian Christmas subscription box  2

This Christmas you don't need to stress, search or worry about what gift is going to be the best, most meaningful and cherished. We have it all in our Artza boxes and our team at Artza is excited to introduce the theme of our Christmas 2022 box: Christmas Blessings.

Our Christmas blessings Box brings a pieces of the Holy Land into your loved one’s home, filled with treasures and delicacies from and around Israel. Including the cities of Bethlehem (The birth place of Jesus), Nazareth, Galilee and Jerusalem. This festive subscription box will help bring the Christmas spirit straight to your doorstep. An Artza Christmas box is the ideal gift for anyone looking for a unique and authentic holiday experience.

The Artza Box can be purchased on an annual subscription basis and delivered quarterly. This gives your recipient the opportunity to experience multiple aspects of Holy Land culture over the course of the year. Whether you have always dreamed of visiting the Holy Land or simply have an interest in learning more about this fascinating country, an Artza subscription Christmas box is sure to be the most thoughtful gift they will receive this year. No matter who you’re shopping for, a subscription service is a present that’s sure to surprise and delight again and again. And when it comes to gift-giving, there’s nothing better than that.

Christmas presents the perfect opportunity to celebrate all things sacred and connected to God and share His abundant natural bounty. Every Artza box is designed to evoke feelings of joy and love. The Holy Land is filled with so many beautiful offerings that you'll be sure to find the very best gifts for every family member and friend inside each Artza box.