What should a woman wear when touring Jerusalem?

Asked 3 years ago

I'm going to the holy land next week, and I need to start packing my bags soon. Is there any female dress code in Jerusalem that I should be aware of?

Petal Mashraki

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

When touring in Israel, women can dress as they would in any western country. The only exception is if you visit a religious community or religious site. For example, if you're visiting an ultra-orthodox Jewish community, a church, or mosque you should wear clothes that reach below your knees, no shorts, and no cleavage showing. Your shoulders should be covered, and your clothing should not be revealing. This is out of respect for the local norms and traditions. Female tourists often carry a wrap, or skirt in their bags, so that they can put them on over their clothes when entering a sacred site. In some churches and synagogues, you may be asked to cover your head.

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