Why Is Nazareth Important in Christianity?

Nazareth is mentioned only twelve times in the Bible and yet remains important to Christians. What makes Nazareth so special? Read this post to find out.

By Carmen Slabbert
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Published August 24, 2021.

Nazareth is a village in the North of Israel and plays a vital role in the Christian faith. The name Nazareth (Natzeret in Hebrew) means watchman, guardian, and keeper. It was the place of Jesus' childhood and was only mentioned 12 times in the Bible.

Jesus was Conceived in Nazareth

The New Testament first mentions this village in the book of Matthew. This town is the hometown of Joseph and Mary. It is here that Mary received the news of carrying baby Jesus. They left Nazareth traveling to Bethlehem as all the people needed to take part in a census. Everyone had to return to the city of their ancestors.

After the birth of Jesus, they fled to Egypt to escape Herod that wanted to kill Jesus. When Herod passed away, the Lord told Joseph that he and his family must return to Nazareth.

Why Jesus Was Called ‘Jesus of Nazareth’

Because Jesus grew up in Nazareth, he was called Jesus of Nazareth. It was custom to name people after their hometown. Later Jesus was also called a Nazarene, fulfilling what the prophets said (Matthew 2:23).

The meaning of the word Nazarene is a native or resident of Nazareth. This name is later also given to the people following Jesus (Acts 24:5).

A Vital Village for Christians

The village of Nazareth is thus a vital town for Christians, although the Bible mentions it only a few times. It will always be remembered as the hometown of Jesus.