The perfect Christmas Subscription Box gift for your child this year

By Joel Taylor
Edited by Itai Schimmel

Updated November 23, 2022.

Kids children subscription box Christian faith homeschooling

There's something magical about Christmas morning. That special delight, and gleeful cheer as the kids jump out of bed in the early morning, rush downstairs and unwrap there gifts. But lets, be honest, finding gifts that get your kids excited, that are fun, unique and educational can be very tricky! And we are here to help.

Here are some reasons why Artza is the perfect year-round gift for your child that is both fun and immersive, while als keeping faith and education at its core. It is the subscription box that keeps on giving.

Filled with stories from the Holy Cities of the Bible, the places where Jesus walked, and the people who live there today, every Artza box brings the Holy Land and the Bible to life from the comfort of your home. Every box is packed with gifts that help bring the presence of Jesus and the Holy Land into your home. Each representing a part of the Holy Land, from Bethlehem, to Nazareth, the Judaean Desert, to Jerusalem, and up north to the Sea of Galilee.

If you are looking for ways to bring Bible study and faith homeschooling to life, and to engage your kids - what better ay to learn about the stores of the Bile than with gifts and items from the actual Land of the Bible! Imagine teaching your kids about Jesus in the Galilee and then actual showing them items, gifts, and foods made in and sourced form local businesses and charities in the Galilee!

"Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it" - Proverbs 22:6

Children love gifts and surprises, and the anticipation every three months of knowing something is in the mail or on the way to them from across the oceans is definitely a big part of the excitement and hat makes Artza so special. Artza Subscription Boxes are the perfect way to keep your child excited about Jesus, the Holy Land and the Bible. With Artza's subscription boxes, every box contains something to taste, share, inspire, and learn. By crossing geographical borders and time zones, these Israel gift boxes allow you and your loved ones to celebrate these special moments together, as well as educate your children year-round with a gifts sourced and curated from Israel that helps bring the stories of the Bible to life.

“A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great.” - Proverbs 18:16

Kids children subscription box Christian faith homeschooling  Christmas

Even after the Christmas holiday is over, your kids will be thrilled and excited to get something in the mail - it is like Christmas three times a year! While the gift of an Artza Subscription Box is one that is paid forward, we are still able to teach our children a valuable lesson about also giving back. Within each Artza box, you are not only giving a special gift to the receiver but also supporting the local Israeli people. This is not just a lesson about Christmas and Christ but is a life lesson that can inspire your child to be charitable.

Artza Subscription Boxes are a joy to receive, a delight for the eye and are bursting with contents of exciting gifts - handmade art, delicious snacks and several other luxurious goods from the Holy Land.

As we look forward to Christmas this year, let it serve as an occasion to begin a lasting joyous gift to your children and family with Artza's Subscription Boxes, which offer a wonderful gift from Israel that can also be an educational experience for you and your children.