Artza Christmas subscription boxes, the meaningful gift that keeps on giving

By Yoni Eyal
Edited by Itai Schimmel

Published November 7, 2022.

Christmas Christian subscription box

The season to be jolly is just around the corner - and Artza has the perfect gift for you!

The countdown has begun, Christmas decorations are being riffled for, "It's the most wonderful time of the year" is back on our radios and our minds are racing to find the appropriate Christmas gift, while simultaneously thinking "how fast the year has flown". Lo and behold, it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

Christmas means many things to different people. If you celebrate Christmas, it's usually the most wonderful time spent with family, exchanging gifts, and basking in the holiday spirit. Yet each year the same struggle comes around of finding the perfect gift either for someone you don’t know that well or are just fresh out of ideas for the people you care most about. It can be tricky to find a thoughtful gift whilst trying to still keep within the theme and spirit of Christmas.

Let us make it easy for you and bring Christmas to you. With an Artza Christmas subscription box, you will receive the most thoughtful gift that keeps on giving and doesn't stop just at Christmas. All of this joy is done while also giving back! Supporting small local Israeli businesses and charities making sure that Christmas is centered around Christ.

Artza is the fastest growing Christian subscription box that connects you to the Land of the Bible and follows in the footsteps of Jesus, delivering local foods, artisanal crafts and more, from Israeli artisans and charities that rely on your support.

Christmas subscription box

Our subscription boxes are not only the perfect gift for Christmas but can also save you the last-minute anxiety of holiday shopping and long lines at crowded malls. With our Christmas subscription boxes, we offer a specially curated gift that promises to enrich your soul and inspire you to learn more about the stories and Land of the Bible. Each box is packed with beautiful handcrafted gifts to savor and share with your family and friends. An Artza Christmas Box provides a very personal and religious gift for celebrating the birth of Jesus, through handmade and artisanal items that are precious, luxurious, meaningful, and also make an invaluable contribution to the local community in the Holy Land.

Our Christmas box is themed around the Blessings of Christmas and includes gifts from Bethelehem, the plcae of Jesus's birth, Nazareth, Galilee and Jerusalem!

When thinking of the festive season we think of delicious food, family get-togethers, snow, Christmas trees, presents, and Christmas carols. All of this is great fun but let us also remember that this is also the time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Artza makes your Christmas this year that much more meaningful by helping focus hearts and minds on Jesus and connects to the core reason why we celebrate Christmas.

Artza provides you and your family, friends, and spouses with a truly unique, thoughtful and faith-focused experience through this gift.

At Artza, we believe that celebrating the Lord should be a joyous occasion. That’s why we’ve put together a thoughtful subscription box that is packed with exquisite and varied locally sourced items, bringing the stories, scripture and character of that city and artisans to life. With beautiful and authentic Israeli art, and other treasures that will show your loved ones just how much you care. With our Christmas subscription boxes, you can give the gift of an unforgettable experience that will bring people closer to their faith and remind them of God’s love.

Celebrate God with a true Holy Land gift and hold onto the festiveness a bit longer, with the Artza subscription box.

Christmas Christian subscription box Artza